Villanova beats Michigan for NCAA title

The top-seeded Wildcats defeated Michigan to take home their second NCAA championship in three years.
3:11 | 04/03/18

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Transcript for Villanova beats Michigan for NCAA title
What a night for Villanova. They are the national champs again and, Paula, is that why you're wearing black. I'm in mourning. Villanova was the better team and Michigan has got nothing to be ashamed of. Went into the season unranked and made it to the national championship game. We're sorry, though. You could give me a couple of hugs. Philadelphia is celebrating once again. For the first time ever the super bowl and NCAA champs are from the same city. They are tired there this morning. They're tired. The city of brotherly love surely knows how to party. Look at Villanova's fans flooding the streets climbing those poles. A little deja Vu. That's what they did when the eagles won the super bowl. Kayna Whitworth was there. Good morning, kayna. Reporter: Hey, Paula, good morning. Nova nation celebrating their second national title in three years and we've been up all night. You guys having fun? All right. So with's relatively young team led by Donte Divincenzo who came off the bench to have one of the best performances in national championship history, some here are talking dynasty. The nova nation has another national championship. Reporter: Villanova is the last team standing. Wildcats bringing home a national championship. Reporter: It was a classic match-up pitting top seeded Villanova's powerhouse offense against Michigan's dominating defense. I love it. Reporter: Michigan with an early lead but that quickly finished. A hero emerging off the bench, Donte Divincenzo on fire. He's in a different zone. You have been called Villanova's best kept secret. I can promise you you are not a secret anymore. How does it feel to lead your team to a national title. It's awesome. I know those guys all year hyped me up a lot. Those guys pushed me to be the best player I could be. Reporter: Dropping 31 points on the wolverines tying the most ever scored in a title game since 1985. Divincenzo breaks their heart. There you go. Oh. Divincenzo. Reporter: The Delaware native Nick many named the big ragu. You're called the big ragu and other fantastic nickname. How does two time national champ fit you? I think that's the best one. Reporter: Celebrating with his team after the final buzzer and the poles greased for the second time in two months as the city celebrates the wildcats. So he's also going home with MVP honors and coach Wright told me his willingness to be the sixth man separate Villanova in other teams and he always does what the team needs. Last night they needed him to score 31. I think 21 would have been enough but congratulations to Villanova. Their second tight until three years and third overall. Kayna, thanks for your reporting. Jalen Brunson will join us live in our next hour. I just don't want to stop saying the big ragu. That's my favorite thing. And sister Jean.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"The top-seeded Wildcats defeated Michigan to take home their second NCAA championship in three years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54198501","title":"Villanova beats Michigan for NCAA title","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/villanova-beats-michigan-ncaa-title-54198501"}