How to introduce your dog to your newborn

Certified dog trainer Dominika Knossalla, creator of online community Dog Meets Baby, helps fur babies and human babies bond.
4:17 | 04/16/21

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Transcript for How to introduce your dog to your newborn
day of the week with a high of to our insta-parent series navigating the ups and downs of parenting and all about that important introduction when pet meets baby. A certified dog trainer launching an online community to help prepare the entire family. Babies and puppies. Yeah, this is too much. Reporter: Sometimes it can get a little rough. Charlotte, you're going to pick it up. Reporter: When this certified dog trainer brought her newborn twins home despite lots of training her log reacted much differently than expected. Lola lunged at the crib when she saw my kids. She is an animal with instincts. It's not something -- I can't really blame her. Reporter: Realizing the need for expert advice during this process dominika launched dog meets baby and has 45,000 followers. The more you can prepare your dog ahead of time, the easier it's going to be for your dog Reporter: First let your dog become familiar with the baby gear. Good boy. What is it? We want to introduce equipment first so the dog has association with the equipment and is not afraid of it so later when we put the baby in the equipment the dog is not afraid of the baby. Reporter: And start playing newborn sounds. You want to start at a low level and pair it with treats. If your dog is doing fine with it you can increase the volume until you reach the realistic level. Reporter: When baby comes home create a calm environment for everyone. Good dog. You don't want to use the same voice as when you bring a new toy because you're going to send the wrong message and the dog will assume we're going to play. Reporter: When baby starts crawling turn on what dominika calls baby TV. What they see is this big head, this big adorable set of eyes moving in their direction and that is scary to them. So what I recommend is baby TV. It means that your dog is at a safe distance ideally behind a gate on their bed and watches your baby. Joins us now is dog meets baby founder dominika knossalla. Dominika, good morning to you. Good morning. We have so many questions. So glad you're here with this can be a tricky one for families if you're bringing a puppy into a house with babies, young children. Where do you recommend parents even start? Manage your expectations and manage the interactions. Get some Gates, exercise pens and crates. Tire the puppy out before your puppy interacts with your babies and young children. Sign them up for a doggie day care, hire a dog-walker or play with them in the park or in your backyard. Reward good interactions. Reward from day one. Treats, treats and treats. I have those in my house with my puppy. What do you do if you bring home an older dog? So just because you adopted a dog that is kid friendly doesn't mean that your dog is going to be comfortable with your busy household right away. Screaming children, running children so what you want to do, introduce rules of interaction and I like to teach the children that a dog is in a bubble. What it means is that when the dog is resting somewhere or on their bed, the dog is in the bubble. We don't go inside the bubble. We can call the dog out of the bubble or the dog can come out of a bubble, but we don't go inside That's their space, their protective space, right? You have a really great way to teach parents to help their children pet dogs so that it doesn't get too rough if you're starting for the first time. What are some tips? So you want to use one hand like this, one finger or back of your hand so this way children cannot grab the fur. That's a good one. I'm suddenly very upset we don't have a prop for me to practice on or even on a real dog. Dominika, thank you so much. Really great tips that parents are definitely going to ruse. Thanks so much.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Certified dog trainer Dominika Knossalla, creator of online community Dog Meets Baby, helps fur babies and human babies bond.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77112565","title":"How to introduce your dog to your newborn","url":"/GMA/Family/video/introduce-dog-newborn-77112565"}