Kids share their hopes for Biden and Harris

From no homework and flying cars to an end to COVID-19, children across the country reveal what they’d like to see in the next four years.
3:47 | 01/21/21

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Transcript for Kids share their hopes for Biden and Harris
Back now with the future of our nation. We decided to ask some youngsters to share their hopes and dreams for the new president and vice president. They may not be of voting age yet but they do have some big ideas. Zohreen shah joins us with that. Good morning, zohreen. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. Kids often direct messages to the youngest generation but asked kids for their message for our new president and vp. Dear president Biden, we put out the call, dear Mr. President. Dear madam vice president. Reporter: Asking our young Americans what they hope for in this new administration. One thing I hope for from the new administration is that you guys can get covid under control and make sure to stabilize instead of losing. I hope when you're the president people will get along and be friends. Oh, and also I hope that you will ban homework. I hope that you give me more playgrounds, please. I will want to see a new type of cars, flying cars, automatic ones. Reporter: For many it was the history-making vice president kamala Harris they were excited I hope that you'll be the greatest vice president in the world. First woman vice president. I'm so excited to see a woman vice president that's Indian just like me. I think you are smart and pretty and a good dancer. Reporter: 11-year-old Charlie pattman was lucky enough to meet kamala Harris multiple types. I see someone who looks like me and has the same dreams and beliefs as me, being vice president of our nation, she says I'll be the first but I definitely won't be the last and that is my queue. That is my call to action to follow in her footsteps. Reporter: And what better way to follow in someone's footsteps than wearing the same kind of shoes she likes to wear. Tell me about your shoes. These are inspired by kamala. I want to be like her. She knows that character matters, integrity matters, strength matters and someone with those standards is just -- it's pretty hard not to want to live up to their legacy and not only follow in their path but hopefully blaze a trail of my own. Reporter: For so many, they hope the next four years will bring real and lasting change. I want kamala Harris and Joe Biden to make the world equal and fair. I'm so grateful to have people like you who are able to lift us up and get us back on our feet. Reporter: Harris has a lot of suggestions for young people too. I followed her closely on that campaign trail for nearly a year. She always told them, you may be in many rooms where you are the only person who looks like you. You are never there alone. We are in there with you and when you're there, stand up and speak out. Never say you're sorry unless you broke something. And, of course, you may be the first to do many things, but make sure you are not the last. Surely something she thought a lot about yesterday. Guys. Wow. Smart kids. To see it resonating with them in such an impactful way, it was beautiful. Hey, zohreen, what was it like to be on the trail with her and see her in action? Reporter: You know, from the very beginning I felt like I was watching history. I mean, you felt that. You felt that when you saw her interact with people. When they, you know, just looked up at her. Those young kids, it was magical, robin. It was great. Well, thank you for bringing that to us. We certainly do appreciate that. As the young lady said a call to action and as the young man said, flying cars. That's right, everybody.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"From no homework and flying cars to an end to COVID-19, children across the country reveal what they’d like to see in the next four years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75399490","title":"Kids share their hopes for Biden and Harris","url":"/GMA/Family/video/kids-share-hopes-biden-harris-75399490"}