Moms say they are being shamed for 'rational' parenting decisions

A New York Times opinion piece on mommy-shaming and the line between criminal or rational parenting has triggered a heated debate online.
4:23 | 07/30/18

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Transcript for Moms say they are being shamed for 'rational' parenting decisions
It's always great to ke George blush. Now tour "Gma" cover story.a fiee parents debate ignited by mothen the age of ar New York Tim op Ed. Thy getti 2,000s talking about harenting has anged because of public shamg. Mom! Orter: It's the wild of nting. I'm goinge late to my first soccer practi. 'Mng the best that I can. Or no, it's not ene from bad momorning, aork times piece sparked deba online. Wihor krooks writing, we live in a counthere it's seen as abrmal or even U to be away fromlt supervision. Julie saysmmg is very much real. In 2016, she lefter three daughters in her minivan whi gbbed coffee. I sawice office up T andta G my children. And, iho nothi of until myid started to cry. And a T INT, I walked out and H turd me and askedwhere I was. Rr: She works as a lic defender illinois,tood herground. He accusedf abandoning I Ju laugh at M. He had picked on the wrong th because know my rights. Reporte searchers at university leaving R children unattend asking participants to estimate how much danger child was in. What'shanged seems to be CI enormous.ludgments. The idea thachildren should on anthats a pampb who leaves D alones negligent of abusive.'reontemptuous of lazedy poor we're contempt. Meing Kaylor feels is a slippeslope. We need fightack agt I judgment and shaming of motrs it's G to stop. Stops with . Legal correspondent and analyst and fr federal pros and mom sunnyt son was. Iant to poll the audien is is an anonymous ll. Have you ever left your child in a unattended? Ye all right. We're going getults right now. It loo like 71% say no? A majority say no. Would you ait T ts publicly if you ha yes or no? Ughter ] That will be 100% surprised the No. I'm not. Not surprised at all. E bottom LE think, a lots don't knowhat ainst leaving a car. Ere area to state differces. You could breaking the L and not knowit. Iave left M children on who sa I don'tanto go into the store, at a CIN age. You have hadexperien. I did. I wrote an opinion piece WHE I was at CNN. Ghter was probably 6 months old. Where's the by? We ran back. Car was already hot. There are hot car laws,s well. I beates up over it. That was unintentional leaving a kid in the a little bit diffent. I will T nex ve drove without my shoes. I put my shoes the back of thar rig next to her because I wanted toremind mylf Nev to lso older children intentionally. Where do you think the line I in terms of otheeoe getng ined. If somlse had gotten involved, youldaveee . I don't think you can be too nosy when it comes to lit dsi think we are a village. Ink W need to take re of our children. I think as parents, we nd T kn law. There is no Fallaw. There a laws in about 19 . Different age groups, 50 to 8, 0 to 1. No ageli time limitations. Please,please, please, figure out the law in your state. Er the se of protecting your that's tntf anyone feting lived. Iso protect your child. Thank you, sunny. Over to rob. All I rrks a beautiful day here.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"A New York Times opinion piece on mommy-shaming and the line between criminal or rational parenting has triggered a heated debate online. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56911141","title":"Moms say they are being shamed for 'rational' parenting decisions","url":"/GMA/Family/video/moms-shamed-rational-parenting-decisions-56911141"}