Chef Dan Churchill shows us tasty treats you can make in minutes

The executive chef of New York's Charley St demonstrates fast and delicious treats for the family on the go.
4:25 | 10/19/19

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Transcript for Chef Dan Churchill shows us tasty treats you can make in minutes
Now let's go to our new series we are going to show you how to make super delicious dishes for the family. This is for the lazy people. To start us off, Dan Churchill, the executive chef and co-founder of New York City's Charlie street in soho here to show us. We're making peanut butter bites. Yes. How is this an easy eat? Well, it's a fantastic one because there's only four ingredients. Less than minutes to do and it tastes great. Healthy. Walk us through what the ingredients are here. We have oat, we have date, peanut butter and salt and cacao along with this as well. Are you ready to start? You say that we can do this in just four minutes. Four minutes. We'll take you at your word. We'll put you on the clock. It's up on the screen so three, two, one. Let's do it. I'm actually going to have you guys involved in this. There you are. You told me this was my job already. So strain into a food processor your oats. Do you spread it out? A little flair. Oat bang. As they would say. Oat bang. In goes some dates. Heated those as well so buy them -- Make sure to pit them. Exactly. The oats are good for your energy. The dates are fantastic for your fiber. Now the peanut butter, is this me? This is you, my man. I want to see this. The flair. I'm excited. All your buddies at home are loving that. Straight in there. Salt Bae ain't got nothing on me. Peanut whit. How do you say -- I was trying to rhyme with whit. It didn't work. Salt. Your cacao Bae. Your cacao Bae. Boom. Ah. I'm just going to backhand. It's all over the sleeve. That's all right. Salt is great for maintaining hydration. Cacao is just the richest form of antioxidant and also tastes like chocolate so win on that one. Makes it taste better. All you have to do is hit it. Now, as you're blending it up there are also some alternative ingredients for the kids. Kid-friendly stuff. Over here we have matcha, some green tea and some fruit and yogurt so good probiotic and kids love fruit so what you do is blend this up for 20 or 30 seconds and it comes out looking just like this. You both have bowls there. All right. There's definitely a bit of competition between the both of you. Are we rolling the bites? We are rolling the bites. Get a nice golf ball size. Here's one to have a look at. Oh, I see. Now, wait. Roll your little balls. Whit promised he washed his hands. I did wash my hands. You can use an ice cream scoop. Does the size of the ball matter? It just depends if you're hungry or not. Okay. I've got it. Do you roll it with Did we stop the clock? The clock is still going. Come on, Eva. How many do we have to do? You can do it all day but the best thing is, kids, great family opportunity. Have them do it with you. If there's something in here you don't like, there's plenty of alternatives if. You don't have peanut butter in the house for obvious reasons, if you don't have nuts because of kids with allergies, you can use sun butter. Sun butter. All right. Much better for you in that regard as well. Does the shape really matter? This is not like origami, right? Get a close look on whit's one over here. This is actually a big ball. This is definitely -- Some are bigger than others. Why is it Eva's balls are even sphered and yours are -- I'm going for speed. Less about presentation. We're trying to start the eating soon. More importantly, what would you use these for? Are these for treats or snacks or breakfast? Really good snack. For a snack you have something like this. It definitely curbs that sweetness we have in the afternoon. Great for the kids if they want energy to keep going and know what's going in. Four ingredients you use yourself and so for me I always say if you have leftovers, you can actually make a nice pie crust. So what you do is freeze this by putting it into the base of the pie crust and then put your toppings on top and have a nice filling with a pie crust that you've made yourself that is, you know, full of only things that are good for you. Lovely. All right. Let's look at the finished product. Let's look at the clock. We did this all in just three minutes here. Yes. You can find this recipe and more on Of course. Plenty to go. Look at that. Did you taste one? Can I eat this? Yes, I'm going to have one. Come here, you. We'll tell what you to watch

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"The executive chef of New York's Charley St demonstrates fast and delicious treats for the family on the go.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66387384","title":"Chef Dan Churchill shows us tasty treats you can make in minutes","url":"/GMA/Food/video/chef-dan-churchill-shows-us-tasty-treats-make-66387384"}