Cookbook author Jake Cohen shares how to make everything bagel seasoning

Jake Cohen also talks about how to use the seasoning in unexpected ways.
3:47 | 02/22/21

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Transcript for Cookbook author Jake Cohen shares how to make everything bagel seasoning
spin on your favorite dishes. We're We're back with ultimate upgrade for everyday foods. Jake Cohen the author joins us with a take on how to use the mix. Jake, tell us first of all, you make your own seasoning home made. Yes, for sure. I mean, I've been guilty of getting the bottled stuff in the past. You can add in more flavor. Start off with a quarter cup of sesame seeds. Toast them to bring out the flavor. Another quarter of cup of poppyseeds. As well as three tablespoons of dried minced garlic and flakey sea salt and pepper. And last but not least, not really traditional, the origins of the everything bag el, I throw in black pepper. Stir it up. Next up a sweet take of a desert on bagels and cream cheese. We're so used with everything bagel with cream cheese. What about it on cheesecake. Sprinkle it on top. It looks pretty good. You're also jazzing up a salad. Yes, I mean, I think no matter what you can amp up your salad dressing with everything bagel seasoning. Olive oil with dijon mustard with whatever vinegar you like the onion and the garlic are going to rehydrate. To me it takes it to the next level and makes the salad more special. That's working. Now the main course. You got to have a steak. So this is like the jewish version of a French steak house, peppercorn crust, I'm going to be throwing on this everything bagel seasoning, it will add in fortification of that nice crust and also onion and garlic on steak. And it's got flakey salt and black pepper. Okay, you've got to sell this last one. Everything bagel ice cream. Yes, so, let me explain. A few weeks ago, Jenny's an incredible ice cream company out of Ohio, came out with this cream cheese ice cream -- it seems it wouldn't work but it went viral. But it does. Salvery ingredients to sweet dishes. A little bit of olive oil. It helps everything stick together. You have a full meal. It's early. You'll have to eat the steak and ice cream and cheesecake, what better way to start the day. It work and it does. It's fat, it's flavor. It all comes together. One of those things as soon as you get your mind out I shouldn't have be having garlic with dessert, it just comes together. It's an interesting way to take one seasoning and make it last throughout the meal. It works. Verdict, thumbs up. All right. We all love salty sweet. The best combo there is, am I right in. You're right. Jake, your sold out. Get the recipes on And we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Jake Cohen also talks about how to use the seasoning in unexpected ways.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76038913","title":"Cookbook author Jake Cohen shares how to make everything bagel seasoning","url":"/GMA/Food/video/cookbook-author-jake-cohen-shares-make-bagel-seasoning-76038913"}