Dan Pelosi shares recipe for vodka 'sawce'

Pelosi went viral with this recipe after becoming a sensation online for posting about the food he made at home during quarantine.
4:38 | 04/08/21

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Transcript for Dan Pelosi shares recipe for vodka 'sawce'
Start by answering a few simple questions at screenforautism.org Back with our ultimate pasta week. Joining us Dan Pelosi, his twist on Italian recipes helped him rack up 66,000 followers and this morning we'll test out his vodka sauce that started all the how are you doing today? Amazing. I mean, thanks for having me. You just showed a picture of me and my grandfather on national television and my heart is just in pieces so thank you. That makes us happy as well. I have to say, vodka sauce is -- my girls' absolute go to. What's the secret? This vodka sauce, it's a sawce which you've all been saying sawce so correctly. It's got a lot of energy. I haven't been saying it quite as correctly as you have but that's okay. I have to say I've been listening and I've been really proud. It's a sawce. I mean I grew up in a big, loud, Italian family surrounded by a lot of Italian people. We don't make sauce, we make sawce, you know, this is it. You're making Amy laugh here all morning long. Sawce. So I mean -- It's a sawce. Let's get cooking. Lara has been working on it as well. Tell us what to do first. All right. So the first thing that I've got here is I've been whisking a super fragrant and delicious olive oil, butter, tomato paste and red pepper flakes. It smells incredible and now we'll get to my favorite part of the recipe which I like to stop and really, really, I know you have shown video, two cups of heavy cream and just watching that two cups of heavy cream which is just a little teeny bit of cream, you know, just sort of get into that -- it's just gorgeous the way it kind of gets into the tomato then we whisk it until it's nice and combined so we whisk that for about five minute, get that going, it's sort of a bright and delicious Orange and then we cook it a little bit more -- I'm going to show you this pot here. Until it's about, I like to say it's kind of a pumpkin spice so it gets a little bit darker in color here and then this is where about five minutes into that we add our vodka which is the best part. We should explain to everybody and it's okay for kids to eat vodka sauce because all the alcohol burns off. I have to tell you something. So many moms have thanked me because kids are just like buried in this. They're covered in it, they're so happy. I get so many videos of kids tearing into this. There's no alcohol left. We do six tablespoon, five minutes later you've cooked all the alcohol out and you have the most delicious and robust flavor that kind of is the hallmark of -- How does the vodka do that if all the alcohol burns off? Because what's left from all the really strong and intense sort of alcohol flavor is this like really lovely rich and robust flavor that is just sort of the result of the vodka -- the alcohol burning out of the vodka. What's your big secret? You call it inappropriately thick and illegally gloss si. What's the secret? So, yeah, I also say I have an ambulance waiting outside for you because you don't know what's going to happen so here's the thing, now, my vodka cooked for about five or six minutes then you add about a half a cup of your pasta water so cooking it on the stove, this pasta water is extremely starchy and it's going to make it super, super, super thick and glossy so I add that in here and I've already added it so I'm just going to give this a little stir and I'm going to add my pasta in, stir it up and you're going to see, I'm going to show you quickly how this comes together and show you on a little piece of rigatoni, it's just so glossy and so -- do you see that? I see, it's gorgeous. Look at Lara's as well. Lara's? How did yours turn out? Oh, Dan, you taught me so much this morning. Riva and I want to say that we've loved every pasta thus far but this is -- this takes the cake. If I may use a baking term, it is outrageous. Literally licking her lips. That's all I wanted to hear and safe for animals too so I just hope everyone makes itand loves it and gets lost in the sauce. We loved it. Thank you, Dan. Get the recipe on goodmorningamerica.com and tomorrow a healthy twist on lasagna. Hi, I'm Dr. Dave Chokshi, the City's doctor.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Pelosi went viral with this recipe after becoming a sensation online for posting about the food he made at home during quarantine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76941791","title":"Dan Pelosi shares recipe for vodka 'sawce'","url":"/GMA/Food/video/dan-pelosi-shares-recipe-vodka-sawce-76941791"}