‘GMA’ surprises chef Millie Peartree with $15,000

Peartree's Full Heart, Full Bellies program has given out more than 14,000 meals to front-line workers and others since July.
8:53 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for ‘GMA’ surprises chef Millie Peartree with $15,000
We are so excited to celebrate. An amazing woman whose vivid backer. And be right there in new York and maybe I can be rapid and now check it out she's been right across the street on the hard rock cafe marquee. All morning long keep thinking here we Kobe did a great kid. But our TJ Holmes actually have a major surprise for her for doing this brilliant Lily. Good morning Billy how are you this morning. Hey good morning aids is George very here I'm here with Robin Michael and any little GMA then. And I know you can go wrong name does not. Happen with the. Yeah I know you've got a great recipe ready to show us this morning but you know that's not all we're here to view today the get a lot more in store for you see what your turn around right now. Look down. And this and TJ down then I'd. TJ I did see him on one thing got a little LA's. He gave me the wrong directions Millard. Believed. But nothing nothing nothing happened. Yeah I don't. See this pick up on death row hi Alan anybody Bob Bob. 80. This. Housewares segment is one but still few days segment of fans don't like often do by saying I'm sorry what do we know I'm sorry because we've been lying to you for weeks. Why because we are not edited this morning. And you cooking for us we are actually interested. In honoring U. So many people have been telling me about you about it we now when it's. Snow okay we're. The whole country. What you have actually been doing so I need to turn around again and look at that monitor how kind everybody. Take a look. The biggest car packed ever met person. She was caring she's compassionate. She wants to help people and she's fulfilled by helping other people meet just newly pier tree. I'll write lying to her hometown Bronx what kind of president Nellie and Nellie and them at high memory and reasoning you feel good about yourself. Seen him do it without war and I think that's rare quality in the wild. She's gained a bit of a reputation. For putting community first. So has the same thing that I mean I have them all but I that we don't have them. It's definitely he had been a blessing for my community. Meetings totally. Having their belly full. When the pandemic hit so many families were left without the resources for even the most basic needs including food so shop got a word. He was looking to close highway. Good to see children in the Bronx and she wanted to make sure that that could go to them also viable community. Her program full heart full bellies serves over 141000. In the Bronx community where 31% of children. Holmes considered food insecurity. And I'm not exactly I wasn't handsome man I have and that and that means the Manning family and that will mean in Latin. On the news business. I don't like so. Her compassion spreads to the volunteers. Who distribute million mile and I'm my. Now with a few queue up in. Including many kids who missed out on films TV news Vietnamese word is even more from so what's gonna happen start kids. They're going to be that eat breakfast. That would be blood. But what and a host of he has Millie you're able to keep the program running who beat any opponent when he feeding potentially 151000 more. What happened. Are you mean everything. When you see these kids may visit families keep them fighting for it brings tears in my eyes and joy in my heart well no they had saved my life. Heavy ten might eat. I looked ahead and ace is still coming I can't see it and now it's time DC thank you for the moment for the food. Just months. God the seven. Really yeah you know. OK chip Billy I needed to turn back around here with me. OK so we're sorry we reserve your food is delicious but this morning. We brought you here because we wanted to see that and we wanted to honor you we thought why they have indeed if that's okay hit home what do you think now. Singles will talk about on the way it's terrible. That's one couple thought the faith that the corona virus it is felt. I golds in the wrong and it is that doors stuff about NAFTA might. Oh yeah yeah. You just always in a little bit off lot of oh yeah. One thing when you know you hear the stories of people that need it. And a lot of people I know they proceed on a five. You know. They their private school. And for you to be able to stand or lie to get a meal. And even during the whole of it. Like you know after I recover from it at what I thought to drop around the feed you don't offense work of the people combating Coleman on the front line. And to see people won't mind the pantry. It's such as the heartland we live in a country that the richest country in the world why we have people here thought it wouldn't Eminem frontal. We also have people out there like you who are helping feel that need and you've been apparent times well notes and producers were photography and present but you think you've are you by yourself. You're not actually look over there and I think you recognize all things Brandon battle. Who have been here who have been to watch him. And an army and that is totally it is not not done yeah. If I'm Martin. I don't worry nonsense Sevilla are you going to be able to continue to work do you think that another knee might be there for awhile longer. Absolutely life. I've never say never but as the Wayne is now like adults planned opening across the wrong. You know but this is my passionate and I believe there's a blessing and a lesson and everything. And this is my project moves before like indefinitely by whatever it is like I'm Tom what about them we'll speaking of the existence. Well. I baseball to Martha Stewart a moment of Latin what's the our guys have all bill think we're gonna feed children and definitely gonna have a temperature control room so that guy mark siren right happen. I think NL plus the people affiliate cat box and it felt like you have those of you will want to let everybody in. Another brawl that's okay I'll do that okay all right well voluntarily because I'm a man of my word because we know people including America's egg farmers we told. Your story to a get people tell me about you that I tell. They'll move as well it doesn't hold up tonight what the American egg farmers and the folks at the incredible egg if you can turn around him look at that screen one last time. We have something else where you and they wanted to make sure that you were going to be able to be honored to continue your work and they are donating 151000 dollars you. To be able to continue of course the name is mourning the village what would you be able to do and that's just 50000 mountain we have a seat. My children and me like I plan and keep it going on like from what I make about one dollar from. CNN main goal put up an avenue and use my powers to help someone else on the old warrior well. Most of really hit then yes I was we cannot get out and doing just all the people come. Pizza at some point we will vote we wanted to honor you thank you think what you've been doing everybody is impressed by your story. And George stay out of my guess here. Like that's all we've gone through legal fees can then we won't fall. We got a Salem Oregon a Salem on assailants still at riot at a map that you have a mile method has the money that's being in this morning god go okay. DNA incredible act but the events of the last thing we appreciate you brought holiday. Iran may be and Michael. And you know they need confidence. Up many may have been working here at GM may have. Without within. A great we're all we routed live weather with a great person that she is the red relationship Billy.

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{"duration":"8:53","description":"Peartree's Full Heart, Full Bellies program has given out more than 14,000 meals to front-line workers and others since July.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73185818","title":"‘GMA’ surprises chef Millie Peartree with $15,000","url":"/GMA/Food/video/gma-surprises-chef-millie-peartree-15000-73185818"}