Make Fabio Viviani's stuffed Italian cannelloni

The celebrity chef and restaurateur shares his pasta recipe, which includes two different sauces.
4:44 | 04/06/21

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Transcript for Make Fabio Viviani's stuffed Italian cannelloni
Learn more at or call 212-covid19. Time to kick off our pasta week. Fabio vivani. Fabio, thanks for joining us this morning. You're going to bake -- Thank you for having me, guy, welcome to pasta week. I think in our house just about every week is pasta week especially with my girls. Today is stuffed cannelloni. You need two different sauces easy to make. Absolutely, George. So first off we are going to start with tomato sauce. Tomato sauce contrary to belief has to be very simple. Olive oil, garlic, canned tomato and light seasoning, salt, pepper and a little bit of basil then we have bechamel sauce. That's where creamy, cheesy sauce wants to be when it dies and goes to heaven. People think it's hard but it's not, it's butter, flour and then you mix everything with some warm milk and salt, pepper, some people add some parmesan cheese. Some people refer to leave it creamy and simple. Very simple sauce you. Say it's simple. There's always that worry it will come apart while you're making it. How do you prevent that. No, you got to add -- you got to add the ol little oil, butter and flour mixture to the milk a little at a time and that on a low fire kind of brings everything together. But, look, it's very easy, if you can make circle with your hand, then you can make bechamel sauce. It's that easy, I promise you. You've got the sauce, you've got the cooked pasta. What's in the filling? The filling is -- again, look, not to repeat myself but also few ingredients. Ricotta cheese, Italian creamy ricotta, chopped basil, salt, pepper, nutmeg. If you want again put a little cheese on it like parmesan or pecorino, once you have it, making cannelloni, it's no task. All you have to get yourself is to be a little lasagna premade pasta shape, grandma approved and then you kind of fill these with the filling just like that, right, you flip it over and kind of seal it and flip it. When you have that we go to the bechamel. You'll get a little oven tray, you put a little bechamel on the bottom just like that so the sauce doesn't make the pasta stick then we'll add the cannelloni in it like that. One, two, three and four if you want, then more sauce and more bechamel. Just like that. I imagine this is something you could play with at home. Fill them with just about anything, right? Yeah, you know, George, look, in Italy traditionally and because we're kicking off pasta week traditionally we do them with ricotta spinach which, is, again, the traditional filling for pasta stuffed in Italy but the sky is the limit, squash, ground beef, potatoes, everything and anything. My grandma used to put mashed potato in it with a lot of cheese and ground pork which kind of makes a potato and meet ravioli, absolutely delicious. Sounds great. Then there is a little trick here, all right, so once you put the creamy sauce on it like this, the bechamel, you put this in the oven, all right. So if you want it nice and crisp leave them open like that. Good idea. 400 degrees and they go there. If you want them a little bit less crispy, you can put the aluminum foil on it and that will prevent the sauce from kind of burning on top a little bit. Lara, what do you think? I know you have some at home? I love it. I have to say, chef, mine is a little on the crispy side. It's perfect. Riva and I give it thumb's up, paw's up. Riva is going for it big don't move it away from me. This is human and dog approved. Fabio, thanks. That was terrific. I don't know if you'll give riva a snack but she looks like she wants it. Thanks very much. Get the recipe on our website, and tomorrow morning for pasta week the great carbonara deba Hi, I'm Dr. Dave Chokshi, the City's doctor.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"The celebrity chef and restaurateur shares his pasta recipe, which includes two different sauces.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76894651","title":"Make Fabio Viviani's stuffed Italian cannelloni","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-fabio-vivianis-stuffed-italian-cannelloni-76894651"}