Sweet and savory Christmas recipes from Richard Blais and Dominique Ansel

The celebrity chefs stopped by "GMA" to share some quick and easy last-minute additions to your Christmas menu.
6:48 | 12/24/18

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Transcript for Sweet and savory Christmas recipes from Richard Blais and Dominique Ansel
It smells S we welcome you back to "Gma" on this Christmas eve, and the new York holiday choristers have been helping us kick off the celebration, right? Thank you very much for that. Yes. We're also here with two great chefs to show us last-minute easy to make meals and desserts. This is Richard Blais, and Dominique Ansel. The cronut people. Dominique will be on dessert. But you tell us what we're starting with. People wait in line to see Santa or to get into "Gma." I wait in line to see Dominique Ansel. Amazing for me to be here, and I'm feeling, like, you know, Christmas elf and I'm in the spirit of giving. This is my easiest Christmas style recipe. It's going to be a pork roast that I'm going to just wrap up in foil and bake, right? Okay. I'll start with this bone-in pork shoulder which is also called a pork picnic butt which will make your kids and that one uncle giggle around the holiday. I giggled too. We should say this is the side dish. Yes. It's easy. Pork is easy to cook and it's also inexpensive and I'll start by making this rub for it and it's just brown sugar, yellow mustard and if you want to take it to this level which I do, because I'm an award-winning chef, this is white miso paste. What does that do for it? This is going to give it a little bit of salt, sweet and a little spice. Okay. I'll mix this up. I'll add also a little bit of five spice powder. Do you want to salt that? I will. Five spice has cinnamon and cloves which will remind you sort of of potpourri or Christmas flavor. Do you have -- No, sorry. I was going to get in. I like it. You have got the gloves on. How do you keep it from going dry? This is going to keep it from going dry. One, the pork has got enough of sort of natural juices in it. It's fatty. It's going to keep the juice in it and what you are going to do -- I love it. Okay. With your gloves, you're going to take this mixture and rub it all over that boar. You want the texture to be like sand at low tide. I'll swap spaces with you and we have this mixture, right? I'm going to add some onions to the top of it and a little bit of garlic. Dominique, what do you think? Am I doing all right? It's awesome. Did anyone tell you? This is a Christmas competition. I'm going first. Just kidding. When you see the pastries, you may not want to compete. This is true. Here's the easiest thing, especially around the holidays last minute. I'm just going to wrap this up in two layers of aluminum foil. Okay. Very, very simple. By the way, aluminum foil is also perfectly fine for wrapping gifts in the last minute. Just saying. I like that. I just wrap it up very easy. It's in the roasting pan and wrapped up. I put it in a low oven, 325 degrees for, like, four or five degrees while you finish your shopping. It smells amazing. Like the set does now. Does it smell really good? Tell us about the sizzles. This is the side dish. It's potatoes that I have roasted. I'll add a little bit of pancetta. You have my back. I feel like I'm in the middle of a bromance. It's happening. A Christmas miracle. You can do that with a lot of things, right? You can do it with Brussels sprouts and vegetables. Or potatoes. Or both. And that rosemary again, it's pine. If you really want to harvest some needles off the Christmas tree, don't do it. Don't do it. Just use rosemary. That's my pork roast. Now it's time for the best course though. It's a holiday meal. Dessert time, chef. It's all really good and smells amazing here. For me it's all about baking. I do also bake at home. I cook at home, but I also bake. Today I'll show you how to make this. This is a cake which is and you're going to help me out. We have flour. That didn't sound like it was optional, sir. Sorry. We're going to have sugar, salt, a little bit of baking powder. This is something that you have to do ahead of time. We're going to add the eggs here, and mix this here. It's going to be very easy. Start stirring. We're not going to interrupt. Oh my gosh. Go for it. Mix all of this together. Very nice. Can you tell I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen? I can't tell. You're doing well so far. We'll make this ahead of time because there is baking powder inside, and we want it to rest overnight. This is a simple recipe and you can do it at home for the holidays. Once this is all combined, just put it down a little bit, and we'll add butter, honey and brown sugar and mix this all. You don't know how to whisk. Come on. Get into it. Put your elbows in it. This is my bromance. All right? Next step -- You're doing well. Carry on with this. You're doing fine. Does this come with a defibrillator? We have a piping bag ahead of time and we're going to pipe this batter inside this mold. I love that too. That's great. I love it. I have a rotator cuff injury, so am I done? Do you recommend this instead of cookies? I would recommend this for everyone. It's really easy to make. Only bakes for four minutes. Once this is done, we're going to put it in the oven. I just totally -- who wants to taste that dessert. That looks amazing. We get the chance. I want to do this. This right here. Only four minutes in the oven. What do you top it with? Or does it not need a topping? It doesn't need anything. Just a little bit of powdered sugar. I have experience. I love that. It's all ready for you guys to try. Try this now, right? Richard Blais and Dominique Ansel, thank you so much. Appreciate it. Get these recipes on our website. Dominique is giving everybody in our audience a one-year online subscription to a master class.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"The celebrity chefs stopped by \"GMA\" to share some quick and easy last-minute additions to your Christmas menu. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59996987","title":"Sweet and savory Christmas recipes from Richard Blais and Dominique Ansel ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/sweet-savory-christmas-recipes-richard-blais-dominique-ansel-59996987"}