‘I can't envision a scenario more fitting for impeachment’: PA lieutenant governor

John Fetterman discusses the Capitol riots, impeaching Trump and a possible Senate run in 2022.
5:06 | 01/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘I can't envision a scenario more fitting for impeachment’: PA lieutenant governor
has launched this country into unprecedented territory. Now in an historic move congressional Democrats have now introduced articles of impeachment against president trump. Let's bring in to talk about this a rising star in the democratic party as he's been called, please welcome the 6'8" tattooed f-bomb dropping tweeting master's degree from Harvard holding, lieutenant governor from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, lieutenant governor John federman. It's good to see you. I introduce you that way for a reason. People say he looks different. He's an idealist, a socialist. He's this and that. You say you stand out now simply because you tell the truth. It's that simple. You tell me the truth as you see it about your party, the Democrats, are handling and should handle this last week plus of the trump presidency. I think my party is speaking the truth. I mean, I've been saying now since the election Pennsylvania was in the crosshairs from election day on. And these lies -- I mean, these -- just thousands and thousands of lies have accrued to the point where it just combusted in D.C. Last Wednesday and we had a national tragedy that could have been much more severe and the democratic party is approaching it the right way. I mean, why have impeachment on the books if this isn't the circumstances in which it is used? I can't envision a scenario more fitting for impeachment. Lieutenant governor, at that very rally last week in D.C. Was a Republican, Pennsylvania state senator. It is important to note that he has denied entering the capitol or participating in any violence and has denounced that violence. And yet, still, there are calls from Democrats that he resign. Where do you stand on that? I'm calling on his caucus to enforce this idea of how can you have a member of your caucus be participating in this in any way, shape, or form? You know, I leave it to their caucus. They understand what happened. We could have had the same thing happen in Harrisburg. That Tuesday when everything sparked off in our senate chambers, I had 200 trump protesters under my office balcony protesting. It could have gone another way in Harrisburg just as easily as it did in D.C. If you can't hold your own ranks in account, I mean, I don't know what's left. Lieutenant governor, you're telling kind of a story there some of our viewers might not be familiar with. You were trying to certify in your state and Republicans essentially -- there was one contested race, so they essentially held it up and would not allow that person to be sworn in after your party and it became a bit of a ruckus there. You saw what happened in D.C. Maybe everybody is not paying attention to politics there in Pennsylvania. But you actually feel that some of the tension and the tone that we witnessed in D.C. Is playing out in other states, including yours? That same vitriol? 100%. 100%. The protesters were yelling insults at me from the rally, and it could have easily gone different in Harrisburg on Tuesday without a doubt. I want to be clear, I was voted out of the chamber simply because I insisted that duly democratically elected member of the senate that was affirmed by the supreme court just be allowed to take a seat. That was what caused the chaos in our chamber. And then, again, outside we had a protest with hundreds of angry trump supporters all repeating the same lies that the president and other Republicans had said over and over again. And let me be clear, our election was free, secure, and and that is something that everyone knows to be true, even from the president on down. And that's what makes all of these outrageous lies that much more just un-american and seditious. Lieutenant governor, I know you are considering a run for senate in 2022. You tried it back in 2016. You didn't make it past the primary. This time around it might be different. People know your name. When are you going to make that decision and how are you going to make that decision? Sure. Thank you. It's wonderful to be even in this conversation, and I suspect we're going to have a decision in the next several weeks, and the outpouring has been overwhelming. We raised now close to $600,000 in just four days and over 16,000 grassroots' donors and it's been extraordinary. And all I can say is just overwhelmed with gratitude and we'll be making a decision in the upcoming weeks. Feel free to let us know first. Pennsylvania lieutenant governor John federman, thank you so much for your time. We appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"John Fetterman discusses the Capitol riots, impeaching Trump and a possible Senate run in 2022.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75201510","title":"‘I can't envision a scenario more fitting for impeachment’: PA lieutenant governor","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/envision-scenario-fitting-impeachment-pa-lieutenant-governor-75201510"}