'Fargo' actor on working with Chris Rock

Emmy winner Glynn Turman talks about playing “Doctor Character” in the 4th season of the FX show.
3:56 | 09/24/20

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Transcript for 'Fargo' actor on working with Chris Rock
You boys find the place okay? Third largest bank in the state. Found it fine. Any friend of the alderman is a friend of mine. He tells me you're a banker yourself in your community. We do small business loans. This is my associate, doctor senator. You're a doctor? No, sir, name is doctor. Doctor senator. It was my mother's idea. What was her name? Ma'am. That was a clip from the latest "Fargo." The award-winning show in its fourth season and follows feuding crime gangs in 1950 who will do anything for a piece of the American dream. Here to tell us about that dream doctor senator himself, the show's star Glynn Turman. So good to have you with us and see that smile. We've been watching you on our TVs and screens for so long. You started as a boy on stage. You're working on a 60, 70-year career. Can you believe it? And you're still starring on hit shows. Isn't that something? Who would have thunk it? Did you thunk it? I never thunk it at all. The previous guest you had on was a young man named Langston. I was so warm hearted to hear that name was still being used because Langston Hughes was the author of the poem from which the play that I started in was taken. Wow. "A raisin in the sun." What happens to a dream deferred. To hear that still being uttered by this young man so many generations later does my heart good. I'm glad you were able to share in our joy of listening to their story as well. In "Fargo" you star alongside none other than Chris rock. Chris was on "Good morning America" today. He said this is the best part he's ever had. How would you describe your role in the series? Well, my role is actually a pivotal role in that I play his confidant, second in command. Wait until you see Chris. He is wonderful in this role. Absolutely wonderful. We have so much fun working together and bringing these characters to life. So that, you know, we're the good old gangsters, if you will. Good old gangsters. As part of the show and the theme here, you're still chasing the American dream for the most part and trying to find a place and to fit in and what it means to be an American. So much of what I just said might sound timely with what we're seeing in our country today in the streets today. Do you see a timely message and parallels? Noah is amazing in his insight into the social fabric of this country and what it all entails to be an American. The story is just so right on and so timely that it's really amazing, even more so now. Glynn, we want to thank you so much for joining us today. We're very excited to watch "Fargo" on FX this Sunday at 9:00 P.M. Thank you for your time, Glynn. Don't miss it. Thank you for having me. Still knows how to promote too. Final thoughts from Dr. Jen.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Emmy winner Glynn Turman talks about playing “Doctor Character” in the 4th season of the FX show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73224115","title":"'Fargo' actor on working with Chris Rock","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/fargo-actor-working-chris-rock-73224115"}