Here are the hottest holiday gifts that give back

Shopping expert Trae Bodge showcases holiday gifts that support causes.
4:26 | 12/16/20

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Transcript for Here are the hottest holiday gifts that give back
Turning now to holiday shopping, shall we, still looking for something special for that special someone and you're a little behind. Crow can give a gift that can give back, you can something for all your loved ones that's also helping a cause. Here with us is a friend of our show, trae bodge, good to see you as always. This first one has something to do with growing something, this first, it's plant based. What are we doing here with this first one? It does. These gorgeous trees are from plantaogram. This is a family-owned company. They have 200 variety of full-grown trees. They bear fruit every year. They have varieties like cotton candy mango and they're gorgeous and they arrive just like this. They're $49.99 and up. They ship very quickly and they are partnered with, so every time you buy a tree from plantogram, a tree is planted in Africa Trae, Dr. Ashton is literally writing this stuff down as you're speaking. Let's go to this next one, though, we talked about this food insecurity we've seen all over the country during this pandemic and during this holiday season. Gifts that you can actually help someone out with food? Yeah, that's true, so these are from stationery studio, they have partnered with feeding America covid response fund. They're donating $1 from the purchase for every product to this amazing cause. Stationery studio make beautiful personalized items, like memo cu addresstampers. Thank you notes and then also, cutting boards. My husband is not amused by this one because he does the bulk of the cooking. But that's stationery studio. But I would recommend, though, because these are personalized they make take a little bit of time to make. I'd give one of their popular e-gift certificates. Trae's kitchen, really, you're going to do him like that. Trae's kitchen. Another gift here, the work they're doing during the pandemic, our teachers out there, things we can do to help them out. Yes, so, these items here are from Rafi nova, and they part nert with different charities all the time. Their current charity is adopt a classroom, that allows you to contribute to funding a teacher or school. It's a family-owned company and they specialized in very practical packages and bags, many that have details from southeast Asia. They've been specializing in very beautiful masks including my supersparkly go-to. They have this on their site. But they also have great things like this ready set go bag, great for the car, it has three masks, three hand sanitizers. And this cool tool that helps you prevent touching surfaces. And then theyaveer holiday gifts for adults and kids. Like this beanie and two holiday masks. Lot of great gift ideas. Ne last one for a way to support women. Yes, so, these beautiful items are from sapana dreams, they specialize in handcrafted items that are made in traditional style in Nepal, India, and Cambodia, they help -- they partnered with a group rescue and train women and men who have been subject to ING in countries like Uganda, Philippines, and they make beautiful things like this kimono and this cosmetics bags. Made from repurposed Saris. And clutches. They have lots of amazing items and the charity that I was mentioning is called she has hope, it is a fantastic organization to help women around the world. Trae, you come up with some wonderful, wonderful gifts. They're meaningful and actually, they will work for most of the people in your life. If you can't find something from what trae just explained you're in trouble. Trae bodge, thank you so much. We'll talk to you again.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Shopping expert Trae Bodge showcases holiday gifts that support causes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74763202","title":"Here are the hottest holiday gifts that give back","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/hottest-holiday-gifts-give-back-74763202"}