Lorraine Bracco bought an Italian villa for 1 Euro

Bracco talks about her latest project renovating a 200-year-old home for her new HGTV series “My Big Italian Adventure.”
4:27 | 10/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lorraine Bracco bought an Italian villa for 1 Euro
As much old world is I can't help yes from like 200 year. What. I am definitely in over my head. And a long way to go. They only have 5000. Oh. You can show. Wow I'm so in general and her Elizabeth. We feed from the new HDTV. Series my big Italian adventure it follows actress Lorraine Graco who you may know from iconic works like goodfellas and The Sopranos just to name a few. On her journey to renovating a home in Italy. That she purchased guys for just one neck. Euro yet. It's one year old is the little catch to it but the rain Rocco is here whether the tell us all about it now it is so good to see you and I did not know this. The rain but you. Have a beef with Amy Roebuck so many people can say that but I'll have one in particular here I had no idea you all went to head that went head to head on flea markets flip. And well we're gonna have I have to show our viewers the rain what happened so let's take a look. Clean Rocco sisters you will in fact be sleeping with the fishes tonight I apologize. You and your and a view I don't winners of premarket blank you can. It was a tough battle being fought very hard I applaud their efforts but somebody's got to when he's sorry. I did CNN day blood alone. And we want to created. Yeah I'm not RAI and I know how it feels to lose that to this minute that daily occurrence Mormon but. Are you passed it now can you all put this behind you. You now why. Think Amy is a friend test that journalists. So yes. I will behave. And not say anything bad well Lorraine I just lonely you know with the prize money that I won from beating you. I bought Ford beautiful red Adirondack chairs and every time I sit on them in my front porch. I think if you on while. Does that a good thing or bad thing. Good thing you think opinion by the way speaking of good things from this shell IA and obsessive like under the Tuscan sun. Meets. You know The Sopranos I just love it so tell us first of all how you bought a house for one year. So basically a term I I just remember that it was a Friday afternoon and on my phone popped up CNN. Light out why Muriel house insists silly. And I was like okay what they Talking Heads impossible that's crazy. So I clicked on read the article. I look I'm and math by seeing where your name is this. A symbol could just seasonally. Com I guess I'm on the Internet looking all over. And they see that it's also a 1015 minutes from a beautiful beach side Italian. Body of water. And he said to myself this. This could be fun and this could be. This could be great. Okay though it did come with a catch here it is one year old but you have to invest you have to put the work in to get it right so. Did you bite off more than you cute Chu once the process actually started. Lot of work. Yes it was a lot of work what I had all my stars seem to a line really well. In San book and I'm sure you only celebrate and entertain with Italian wine so. I I'm sure you have a lot of fun ahead of you when things get back to normal there and we can't wait to watch and to see your finished product. The rain thank you very much we can consider ourselves friends again right we were always for. Yes we were Amy I have. CNN variant that's my big Italian inventor premieres this Friday. On 9 PM on HTTP. Big if with so you I'm pretty happy about an everywhere I am I think that yes then with. Put it behind and every time I put my butt in a chair I think of you. Very well done who have.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Bracco talks about her latest project renovating a 200-year-old home for her new HGTV series “My Big Italian Adventure.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73911633","title":"Lorraine Bracco bought an Italian villa for 1 Euro","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/lorraine-bracco-bought-italian-villa-euro-73911633"}