LZ Granderson talks new LGBTQ+ podcast

The journalist LZ Granderson hosts a conversational podcast about the experiences of people in the LGBTQ+ community and the issues that directly impact their lives.
5:11 | 06/10/21

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Transcript for LZ Granderson talks new LGBTQ+ podcast
Turn now. A celebration of pride month here at ABC our next guest is a journalist yes being commentator writer. The set out this ought to podcasted explored lived experiences of people in the LG BTQ plus community yeah. Yes I'm alumni right here to tells more about it is the host himself of the ABC news pod cast. Life out loud with LV granderson welcomed Melo being great to have you here with us so. Tell us all about your pop podcast Y just started what do you hope it deaths. Oh well provoke thank you both for having me on really really excited to to talk brokers and sure there's. This incredible project and I think it's incredible because it isn't just about me. Applied important resource group at eighty seeing so many people are volunteers to make this thing happened because we know these stories are important. You know during the last four plus years of a chump administration. One of the most under reported stories worth about how the administration were systematically dismantling. Rights for or just be there was BTQ people. And how little coverage was able to penetrate through all the other news in order to report on what was happening toward my community. It's our wanted to start this podcast to make sure there was always a place for these stories to be how most experts agree with the major news network. Thank you talk about living how loud and life out loud means living without apology what do you mean by that don't think. I mean being able TJ to go to the store bikes and flowers. And when the cashier says she's gonna love those meet correcting her in terms of pro mouse without them and shame or fear. Beaches naturally just sort of saying are they actually are for my husband not my wife. And not be concerned and while that may sounds. You know. Like something else quite innocuous to reality here is that erodes we teach you people are constantly coming out. In these scenarios. And so by living life out loud. It's about confronting these scenarios in such a way in which you don't have to navigate through shame and fear the revenues were pumped repair because you're culpable in your own skin. Well I know that you talk about a myriad of topics and you've had a lot of phenomenal guests already on the pod cast nosy but today's episode you've got. The one and only doctor Anthony found chief. Yes yes we do all absolutely incredible our conversation. That we really start with the early days. He has HIV aids data collection back in 1981. All the way up until the conversations of today in terms of where are we in terms of HIV vaccination and where are we in terms of an aids cure. So with the conversation every spans forty years as best we possibly can. Call some fantastic stories with him and doctor Anthony grouchy or dark Barry Kramer. And it really is very reform bill and I can't stress enough this so important for people who happen to be black to listen to this conversation. Because dark authorities shares will be important information. Market HIV infection rate in the black community. Elderly but can then I wanna take you back to something you just sitting your your response about that the cashier at the grocery store. Who says those flowers she's gonna level. Com and you put kind of the owner sometimes on yourself to live out loud and with without apology in correct that person. But there are a lot of people who are watching this who made that error before. Not maliciously but have done so. What is your advice what can you counsel folks who might just be in that mindset and what what would you say to those folks who hear that story know my goodness I've done that oh my goodness what should I do so I just leave it alone what what do you council folks to do. In a scenario like that. Well first book don't beat yourself up to march in a we live in a society in which. Heterosexuality. And so is gender and it's if you will. RB expected norms could presumed norms. And so we've all been indoctrinated to believe. That every want and flight there so everyone's like that. So don't beat yourself up to much however I will say if you want this conservative and you have now become aware of this dynamic. If you know better do better. Home. Because the more society. Recognizes that there is interest personality and diversity and inclusion. Is how America is actually at his strongest. Do you wanna create scenarios where everyone can feel included where everyone can heal victims of sex marriage is in and out of me purchaser or are in every big factor of their lives just like the color barrier. Where they're ours. Home so. Don't be just up or too much we're now that you know better you better. And simple as that plane is put tell the love you brother is good to see you man has been awhile haven't haven't talked is so much that's LT moral TV than I do on the phone and and via text events occur that's your bottom opener on. Well. While I was gonna blame the role and you know well. You know where it would lose a lot more I think you should you behind your drinks yes you know. Oh well the event it's always good to talk to you and yes we will get up real soon movement but a wall pulls no light out loud building granderson you can get a wherever you're. Pike has star held the good receiver may we'll see down the road. Thank you York.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"The journalist LZ Granderson hosts a conversational podcast about the experiences of people in the LGBTQ+ community and the issues that directly impact their lives. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78198423","title":"LZ Granderson talks new LGBTQ+ podcast","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/lz-granderson-talks-lgbtq-podcast-78198423"}