Miami Beach mayor addresses chaotic spring break crowds

Dan Gelber discusses the measures he is implementing to control the spread of COVID-19, including a curfew.
5:01 | 04/06/21

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Transcript for Miami Beach mayor addresses chaotic spring break crowds
Spring break brought huge crowds and chaos to streets of Miami beach with over 1,000 arrests, a state of emergency declaration and a mandatory nightly curfew. So how is that city is doing as it coaches with spring break crowds and an ongoing pandemic. Let's bring in the mayor of Miami beach. Mayor Dan Gelber. We saw those pictures from spring break, have things started to calm a little, or are people still flocking to party? The curfew is definitely working it's hard to have crowds for the entertainment area. There's nothing going on after 8:00. That will end next week. So after next week, which really is when spring break ends we won't have a curfew and we'll see what happens. But it's of course a very precarious time as we get near the end of this and people are itching to get out and, you know, do things that they used to do. Mayor as we said, thousands of arrests and of course multiple nights where law enforcement actually went ahead and used pepper balls on those large crowds and there have been questions whether that response was appropriate, was it too strong? What do you think about the police response to those large crowds? Our police are pretty well trained, it's a pretty Progressive police department in terms of training. We had rioting, fighting, things that you didn't have at any time. I think really trying to restore order but these were last we got control over it now and in fact it's been pretty calm since then. My hope is it will be calm going You said hope and earlier you said what will happen when curfew are no longer are in place, any help you can get from the state level? I wish we had a consistent message about wearing masks. We don't obviously. But we do get help from the other municipalities in the county, we have goodwill ambassadors handing out masks up to 7,000 a day. When we control the causeway track on to our island, we're getting help but of course the problem is to volume with so - many people it's been a challenge. We think that volume will be reduced, more places are open, the spring break period ends really this weekend. Memorial day weekend is around the corner, talk a little bit about what lessons you've learned during this spring break period and how things may look different going forward? Well, I'm going to ask my commissioner and my manager to consider whether we have a curfew during memorial day, we have some events really set up to sort of spread people out like an air and sea show on the beach which is pretty easy to watch without creating a crowd. But I'm a little worried that at the end of this, people especially young people are going to come out in large numbers and I'll ask the commission and the manager to consider whether we should have some curfew during that weekend just maybe to reduce some of the evening activity and the bar activity. It's tough, Mr. Mayor, to be so popular now. How are you threading your needles your businesses that have been impacted so hard, but you're still trying to keep those crowds down, how are you threading that needle just T.J. It's not easy. Probably no one is getting it right. I worry most about health and safety. The cohort that seems to be getting infected more than most are younger people, of course if they spread it into the community to those who are not vaccinated it will be a problem. All our decisions are informed by doctor and science and by the metrics of this. We urge our visitors because we don't want to be superspreader, to act responsibly. They're not listening as much as they should. I get that. We're not threading it perfectly, we're just trying our best in what are very difficult moments. Mayor, thank you for coming on the show. Coming up next right here on "Gma3" -- success is in the

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Dan Gelber discusses the measures he is implementing to control the spread of COVID-19, including a curfew.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76900766","title":"Miami Beach mayor addresses chaotic spring break crowds","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/miami-beach-mayor-addresses-chaotic-spring-break-crowds-76900766"}