Portland teens create COVID-themed candy that gives back

Hudson Hale and Ryan Westcott, created Covid Candies, after Hale’s bout with COVID-19.
2:34 | 12/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Portland teens create COVID-themed candy that gives back
We're back with the sweet team tale of success for a high school student from Oregon launching a unique new idea with a buddy after his own personal bout with covid-19. We're making something sweet out of a sour situation Covid candies is designed to help people impacted by the pandemic and the financial insecurities that might come along with it. The inspiration actually came back in early September when I actually caught covid and I was sick for about two weeks. I was nauseous, I lost me and sense of smell, and it was really unfortunate, but I became aware of how many people had significantly worse symptoms and had been significantly more impacted than I had. His amazing, hilarious artwork on the package, and it's a small soothing sugar candy that has origins in Asia, it looks like the design of the coronavirus. N I was designing the package I tried to highlight prominent figures -- Hudson has this amazing artistic skill to design the packages like this. I love sort of the technical aspect of working on things like this. I think our minds work well together. One of the key parts of working on something like this is, we want to inspire other people in times like this to find new ways to collaborate on cool projects and really try to make people smile in these dark times. The profits go to three different organizations, 50 prbt goes to the world health organization in supporting their efforts to supply the vaccine the world, 25% goes to the feeding America covid-19 response fund, and the last 25% goes to the united nations children's fund, helping children that have had their families or themselves impacted by this pandemic. Going through the process cold Turkey. We've never done something like this before. It was an incredible learning experience. Seeing people posting on social media, how this bring smiles and laughs to their families has been heartwarming. If you have a dream or an idea or a project you want to pursue, there are going to be so many roadblocks along the way but you just have to keep pushing, and if you put your heart into what you're trying to achieve there's really nothing that can stop you. Covid candies. Up next, Dr. Jen Ashton with

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Hudson Hale and Ryan Westcott, created Covid Candies, after Hale’s bout with COVID-19. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74952299","title":"Portland teens create COVID-themed candy that gives back ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/portland-teens-create-covid-themed-candy-back-74952299"}