Ty Pennington breaks down his new home-renovation show

Everybody’s favorite TV carpenter helps a couple who is at odds over a home-renovation project.
5:09 | 01/21/21

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Transcript for Ty Pennington breaks down his new home-renovation show
expanding out that this addition will go that entire way which will be great because it will basically turn this room into Eli's bedroom. It will feel so good to do this. It's just getting started. Let's take some walls down. Oh, look, there's so much room. I can tell already. Ceiling. Lord help us. Thank you so much. It's really fantastic, isn't it? Wow! Any ideas what we should do with this? So satisfying to watch that. Kind of fun, right? That of course was designer Ty Pennington, literally bringing down the house, in HGTV's new renovation show, "Ty-breaker." Get it? But don't worry, he can rebuild it as he's done before, trading spaces and extreme makeover home edition. He is back now and this time competing with other designers to help homeowners create or find the house of their dreams, and he is here, the one and only, the designer extraordinaire Ty Pennington. Young fella, good to see you. Hey. Now, do you have an advantage over these other designers? I mean what's your, I guess what's your edge over these others? I would say experience. You know, it's experience. I have been, let's face, it I've been doing it for a while, with "Trading spaces," and you think about, I looked like I was 12 when I see old re-runs, but what I love about my new one, the "Ty-breaker," it is really the sass, I think sometimes you see these shows where the couples get along so well and everything is going along just well and what I love about this no one is afraid to say that idea sucks and we're not going to do it or vice versa. So in the end, I think two minds are much better than one. And change just isn't easy and you mentioned there is a lot of sass and people don't always agree. In fact, you got one look at a couple who was at odds over how to renovate. Let's take a look at the clip. My name is Alyssa. My name is Chad. We have been -- I always forget. Like, 15 years now? 23 years. And we have one boy. When we first moved in, we started with renovating the bedroom, and then we were going to do the kitchen, and just never got to it. Looking back, I wish we we have done our kitchen instead, because it is such a center focal point of the home. My vision for the kitchen was let's put a coat of paint on the cabinets and then there is a section of the counter top where part of it is counter height and part of it is bar height. Let's just make the whole thing even. I wanted to take down the whole wall and put a large island and just so much to figure out. We bump heads when it comes to design. We need some desperate help to make this final call. Ty, will you please help us? All right, Ty, help them out. What are they supposed to do trying to renovate a kitchen? Well, it's interesting because they're both right which is the way I look at every, you know, situation. We're both right. But I think let's face it, like the kitchen really is the center of the home now. And of course, it's also where you are going to get the most bang for your buck, especially on resale. But I think just looking at your kitchen, there are a lot of updates. Let's face, it your cabinetry, could definitely use an update but I love the idea you're talking about with your island. The two levels are a little bit dated, let's say the least, but as long as that's not a load bearing wall, I think you could open that up and even if you do a column, it's going to look so much better as an island. And just remember, when you go into this, if you're going to design it, make sure it's designed for the way you live. If you guys entertain, then make sure there's lots of seating, so that people can gather around the island, because that's the new sort of dining room and you don't even need a dining room if that's what you're going to do. If you love to cook and the culinary aspects think about maybe pots and pans hanging above, and so that you can display your beautiful cookware, et cetera, but it's really how you use the kitchen that I think you need to focus on. Very good advice. And I mean is this something you could do DIY? I would say some of it you could do, like on your own, but when it comes to moving electrical and plumbing and large open walls, maybe call in a pro. You're the friend we've been calling, and the country has been calling for a long time, my man. Congratulations. And I know you talked to Dr. Ashton here in the break before you guys are close. We can see her over there just in the camera shot and very excited you're on today and said some great things. Thanks so much for being here and spending time with us. Thanks for having me on. You guys are awesome. You can catch Ty on "Ty-breaker," Monday night on HGTV.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Everybody’s favorite TV carpenter helps a couple who is at odds over a home-renovation project.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75404681","title":"Ty Pennington breaks down his new home-renovation show","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/ty-pennington-breaks-home-renovation-show-75404681"}