The ABCs of CBD

Milly Almodovar is here to answer Michael and Sara's questions about CBD.
6:09 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for The ABCs of CBD
do. And the internet was buzzing. And I thought, I don't really know what this means. CBD is like stories about Meghan Markle. It's everywhere. Is it a drug? Is it not? Is it legal? Why is it such a huge craze? Here to break it down, is lifestyle expert Milly Almodovar. Hi! Thank you for being here. Hi! Now, now, is it true that CBD is harvested through the tears of Willie Nelson? I've heard that. But -- I have heard that. You are on a tear today, Michael. It's urban legend. CBD is absolutely everywhere. I went to a spa last week, they asked, do you want a CBD manicure and CBD facial? Why yes. I would want a CBD manicure and CBD facial. What is CBD? Nobody knows. We hear it. You tell people, I'm taking CBD, they're like, ha, ha, because they know it's derived from the cannabis plant. CBD, also called cannabidiol. Is 1 of over 100 organically natural compounds in the cannabis plant. Thc and CBD are totally different. Many proponents say CBD will give you health benefits. Thc gets you high. CBD will not. You literally sound like boyz II men right now. Did you hear how many times she said that? CBD from hemp is pretty much legal in all 50 states. If it's derived from marijuana, it's legal in ten. What are people saying are the benefits of CBD? People are saying it helps with anxiety. Inflammation. I have girlfriends who take it for pms, insomnia. Anti-seizures. Here's the thing. The fda actually only just approved one CBD drug for epilepsy. Industry insiders say there needs to be more research done. They want to see if it lives up to the hype. Injuries. All that stuff. People are saying that's what it helps with. People are saying. My grandma is one of them. She's like, you better bring that CBD home today. That's what they say. That's what they say. It's not up to me. Another saying is that they are saying it. I don't want you to run up to me on the streets, my heel is still hurting and I'm on that CBD. Nothing to do with me. Okay? Nothing to do with me. Don't come for Michael. So we're going to talk about the different products that contain CBD and what they're supposed to do. It's literally in everything. They're putting it in everything. They have put it in teas. Matcha is a big beauty ingredient. Putting it with CBD. And here's the big thing. I didn't know that gummy bears were so big for adults. Like CBD gummy bears are huge. I was more of a flintstones but I see these. I haven't had gummy bears since I was 12. He eats them all the time. That's my travel food. I like the cherries. The sour snakes. And the regular. Apparently, I'm the only one that doesn't do gummy bears as a 30-something. People are saying you can feel very relaxed and calm from taking them. Make sure the kids don't touch. Yeah, that's for -- that is deceiving. This is for adults, not for kids. And just an FYI also. There is a gray area when it comes to CBD and foods. New York City just banned CBD in restaurants. Because remember, that CBD is not regulated. You don't know the dosage that you're getting. That's why we're waiting for the science of it to catch up. And in beverages, as well. What do we have here? CBD beauty. You and I are beauty enthusiasts. Cannuka. This is the first CBD brand in Ulta right now. I love Ulta, too. And sephora. I can't get out of there. This is the eye balm. They say CBD has anti-inflammation properties. It's great if you have a puffy, undereye area. It relaxes the eyes. Try it, Michael. It relaxes the wrinkles right away. Whoo. Then you have manuka honey. Which is kind of preserves and really nourishment. This is my thing. The spray. Is this the face mist? Oh, I love a face mist. So this is the face mist. Does it relax your face? The thing about CBD is they're saying it regulates the sebum in your skin. As the weather gets warmer. Your skin gets oilier. So let's spray you a little bit. Michael. Okay. I don't want to miss the oils. This is a -- it's called chileo. It's a Faus must. Celebrities are big fans of this parentally it's great for heel pain. That's the heel thing. The heel thing. What are these oils? These are tinctures. People are saying -- I do use this right before I go to sleep. I put a 1 milliliter underneath my tongue. I find, it's only my experience, though. I wake up more relaxed. Less anxiety. This is CBD for life. This is the product that got me into CBD. My grandmother is 92. She has arthritis. She said it helped her? I was buying her bengay. Tiger balm. All of that. And this was the only thing when I bought it, that she was walking again. She was like, this, it actually works. She was like, CBD, I want that. Thank you for being here. Your grandma endorses it. We're waiting for more medical research on it. We'll have to see if the industry evolves whether the products live up to the hype.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"Milly Almodovar is here to answer Michael and Sara's questions about CBD.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62333239","title":"The ABCs of CBD","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/abcs-cbd-62333239"}