Andy Serkis stops by 'GMA Day' and Sara Haines geeks out

The king of motion capture, Andy Serkis, chats about his new Netflix movie, "Mowgli."
6:50 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Andy Serkis stops by 'GMA Day' and Sara Haines geeks out
He's a master of performance capture U know hims Caesar in "Planet of the apes," in "B panther" and now um in "Lord of the rings."he is now directing and starring in "meg the jungle." Come Andy serkis. Au ?????? so glayou're her Thank. Ol Happy holidays. You brought a gift. Irought youhristmas cake. A fruie. It a fruitcake, I thought you're never going to ane this. Nothing. Ernique. And your presence is enough. We'll take that present, okay. Mean it wn I say th. You know that I'm your biggest fan. Michael'ked me not to cry this te. Andy serki the most mous person you don't realize you kn. I practiced last nighto coise about this. In a daryou're a meter of the craft cause you are someone that acting is hard enough and when watch youealize you have none of the crutches anyone else. You're Noth people. You're creating people that are INGs that don't exist and you are terally the best actor there is in the world and I will campaign te day I diyou get oscars. Ah. Thank you. Thyou. So talented. So, so talented. Ah thk And every day, Andy, she says that and blink once if you scar. Ink twice you're ok. Resning order is for 50 feet. You know what, man, welcome to our holy extravawe are so cited you are here. Anu'sh so do you have any British Christmas aditions? Of course know, britischristmas traditions, we ve Turkey. You have it hanksgivin we have it but in our household I don't earkey. We don't eat but nut rot good famiav ours. I know you're looking at me like whre you tng about. There is also toey. Ourid Turkey. Theye not vegetarian but that's a tradition, we get together apeents. Weakopening prentsan That's the way to do it. F off to do town thing andoming ck, and saying, come on.come . So it's allchaotic, crazy chaotic. Your kids are 20, 18 and 14. They're a a That's right. They're all -- give them advice Yh, I mean, yeah, look, we say to the love whate do. 'S a real ivilege to be able to do a job that you absolutely love but kit real. Nory to keepmal at home and in fact, Louis, mungest kids in "Mglegend of T J Wow. So he is 14, he isn the movie. Yorectedmovie, S I'm curious. Es he list to you more as a he was 10. He realistened tme then. 14. Doesn't listen to me at all. Tty Normal teen. Yeah. You direct and you're playing o,s darkern the jungleook." Going back to the original -- book that dyd Kipling 100 yearsago, and it's much more focal on the journey mowgli himself, this outsider, this outcast caught between the two worlds of animals thats bright up with and group th and T world of mankind and a realmotional journor th is trying find hiid, you know, find out where he belongs. Y hgreat cast canchett pls py Yeah.hristian be, Christi bale plays the panther a benect cumberbatchys a tiger. Dohoose who ays at? We has amazingast. Across the B jan rs Tse roles and you lo arsona of the creature, E animal they' playing and try and understand kind of Amal, what kind of animal persona people have you know - Wt I? You wldre you go. Wearing the dots on the face and head mou cameras a got the actor's ces in the creatures lay. You wobe I think mancoon cat.think, beautiful, gorgeous, cuddly thing. Yeah, yeah, . E didn't mean it twa meant likmeow. No, no. I'ven about this and I think you -- T would I ? Y would be a very proud, noble clydesdale horse. You're going to be in the buseer Yo know what? I thoughte going to say I woulbe sabreooth R, but I'll be -- I'll takthat. I love csdales. The mt stunningmals. I was hoping for chihuahua but I wake your C. You E a masterf performance pure techlogy. Doha're kind of a are you the in the house? I'm so not. Yohiwo and you Lew all this incredible -- this technology works but actually struggle to turn my smart TV . I needeople for that. I really do. Mean it's -- I can't get my iPhone to stream to the TV. I T get -- no one can. It's not just you. I feel terrible. UT before we let you go, haveo see a clip. Yes, we do. Oh, ye ease. All waiting for mowgli. Here we go. I told you never let your guard down. Someone's chasing me. He targeted me.he knows I'm the weakest. All of your lessons gave me nothing! Man ah that is sbeautiful thy the are shot. It really credibleut also really quickly, man, you must train like nobody's Busi tto this stuff that you've done. You got to keep fit. There'non about it yeahbeare crawling around. Kind of jumping on stuff. Yeah, ye, U have to little bit -- a little bit fit. Give me your dietary plan. I'm goout with T Turkey antaking whatever you're eating. Thank yery mu being here. Really. He is not going anyere yet. "Mowgli: Legend of the jungle" is streaming on Netflix. Yot T up.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"The king of motion capture, Andy Serkis, chats about his new Netflix movie, \"Mowgli.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59824720","title":"Andy Serkis stops by 'GMA Day' and Sara Haines geeks out","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/andy-serkis-stops-gma-day-sara-haines-geeks-59824720"}