Chef Jamie Oliver shows everyone how to cook up simple five ingredient meals

Michael Strahan and Sara Haines are cooking with Jamie Oliver on "GMA Day."
6:18 | 01/09/19

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Transcript for Chef Jamie Oliver shows everyone how to cook up simple five ingredient meals
best-selling author. His latest boo "5 ingredients: Quick & easy food" is in stores right now. Make sure you go pick it up. Let's give it up for Jamie Oliver. What's up, man? Hi, guys. Jamie, one of my favorite things is your dedication to your five favorite ingredients. Your five children. My children and they are all mine. Yes. Yes. They have the most unique names. Yeah. So I am getting ready to have one. Can we use you as a name-generating app and name my baby? We have tried to keep it floral. So there is poppy, Daisy, buddy, river and -- who's the first one? No. Daisy. And petal. There you go. You have five. You have to, like, remember on your hand. I only remember one of their birthdays. That's terrible. Trust me, man. It's a lot to remember. Believe me. My kids are, like, somebody reminded me. Happy birthday, kids. With that being said, we are cooking today. We're cooking salmon, man. We are. And what I love about this book is it's five ingredients for the dish. It's easy. Cook them all in less than 20 minutes. Yes. You can do most of these things all in the same pan. You're right. Quick and easy food. 70% of the book is healthy. It's colorful food that's tasty. This book I'm so lucky to say has been a phenomena, and that's because it's relatable to busy people that want good food. In America and Britain, we all need to eat more fish. Good for us, and a lot of people are, like, do I like fish? Am I nervous to cook it? Let's break it down and command maximum flavor. The five ingredients start here. Tomatoes, you say tomatoes. We have salmon or salmon. We have olives and basil. And then chorizo sausage, right? The Spanish saucening. You can use any meat, smoked meat. What is chorizo? You have got the garlic, herbs and sweet peppers. If you flip through the book, you probably have two or three of these at home and you have to pick up one or two things. I'm putting together best friends that just work. With the chorizo, you will get maximum flavor and you will get complement -- come over here. If you think about crispy skinned salmon, flakey meat -- Can you eat the salmon skin? Get it crispy though. Who wants to eat flubry blubbery -- How do I get these out? I suck them out, but it's weird when you're cooking for others. I wouldn't mind, but it's kind of a bit weird. If you get the olives with the holes in them already, they will be try, so get them in the pits in. Take something flat and squish it. Take the seed out and it will taste ten times better. Oh. Then -- That's great. I'm sitting there doing that first. Then I want you to constantly chop it up to make a little tapenade. Half or quarter tomatoes. If you go to the supermarket now, go to the markets and what you will see, look in my hands, you have got color here. These tomatoes, there are so many different shapes and sizes. If you don't buy it, they won't stock it. We want to support those farmers and we want to try different things. Kids love it. Color, beautiful. If I'm someone, and I don't want about this, but I want to eat more salmon. How do I know what to pick? If you go to the supermarket, use your instincts. Have confidence in yourself. First of all, use your nose. Smell. If it's a whole fish, use your eyes. It could be crystal clear. If you can be bothered and you like to touch things and do things like she does to olives, look for really red gills. Those instincts you have, they're innate. Use them and trust in them. Over here, what I have done is I have got a completely dry pan. I said earlier that the book has got 70% healthy meals. Not to be worthy, but because we're being clever. Started with the salmon flesh side down. Inside the salmon -- So skin up? Flesh down first, just for two minutes, and if you notice in the pan, the natural oils have come out and now I can turn it over and cook it on the skin side and that skin side will go -- 70% of the time, skin side so it's crisp, crisp, crispy. How long for the skin part? Two minutes on the flesh. Five minutes on the skin. Two and five. What I do now is I put the chorizo in and get the flavor from that. I'll be honest, America. This beautiful electric thing is not really hot. We're having sushi for lunch. If you look at it here, all those beautiful, peppery, sweet flavors, the garlic, this is how all cooking comes together. Sometimes people think they're eating fish and it's a compromise. I like the steak. This is going to be delicious, right? So at this point in the game, if you want to go in with your tomatoes or your tomatoes, we'll rip in our basil and it's the combo. The combination that works and then what we can start to do is think about plating up our salmon which you can imagine is cooked. You can cook it different ways. Some people like it more rare than others. You can. You can have it pink. I like to have it swim on my plate. You want to get it crispy. What is really important is the salmon oils, the chorizo and the fats and flavor and tomatoes, they're making an incredible little warm salad. Do you eat the basil? When it's on there, I don't know if I look like that girl that's eating the -- Garnishing? Herbs are so good for you, and when you take this tapenade across like that, that little bit of olive will give you that fragrance and flavor and honestly it's going to eat so, so well. That was so quick. And I have a question. Why does it -- if I did this at home, it's not going to look like that. If you did it at home, you're going to do it better than me because it will be hot and it will work. What does work is you're cooking for us. This book works as well. You can pick up a copy of "5 ingredients." It is in stores now and for both of these recipes, visit "Good morning America." The other one is dessert, and you can look at that on our website, Jamie Oliver, everybody.

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"Michael Strahan and Sara Haines are cooking with Jamie Oliver on \"GMA Day.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60262717","title":"Chef Jamie Oliver shows everyone how to cook up simple five ingredient meals","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/chef-jamie-oliver-shows-cook-simple-ingredient-meals-60262717"}