Danny DeVito saved Michael Douglas' life when a snake bit him

Michael Douglas says he's getting more attention for the "Kominsky Method" than any other project.
6:04 | 12/03/18

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Transcript for Danny DeVito saved Michael Douglas' life when a snake bit him
Who are you talking to? Trying to get through to my urologist. You mean our urologist. Fine, ours. You had no urologist. I gave you mine. As soon as you hear from him, could you have him call me. Thank you. No results yet. Oh, prostate. What? At the moment you both do and do not have cancer. What a joy you are. Welcome back. We're hanging out with Michael Douglas. We saw the clip from "The kominsky method." You play an acting coach. I do. Tell us about the show. Sandy kominsky was an actor. He still is, but he doesn't act as much anymore. He has a successful class in new York. His best friend is his agent played by Alan Arkin. It's a comedy, tragedy written by chuck lorre. He wrote "Big bang," "Two and a half men," great writer. Great, great writer. We're rocking. I'm getting more attention on this show than any show in my career. People are writing in. It's really good. It's great writing. Alan and I have a great relationship. Any time you can do a series about getting older, that's what I want to do. What I found amazing is that you've never met Alan Arkin until you did this project. Never met. He's such a wonderful actor. He said I want to meet you before we go in. We had one little lunch before we started. That was the magic, Michael. The second day there we had a big scene around a lunch table. We were talking. I looked at the dailies afterwards. I said I believe these guys were friends for 40 years. It's a chemistry that happens. I feel very fortunate and especially happy with the results we're getting. Danny Devito plays your urologist. You ever had a proctology exam from Danny Devito? No, but I heard he once saved your life. He's so full of it. He told us he once saved your life. He tells that story because of the punch line. We were doing "Romancing the stone." I was playing with a snake that bit me. Who plays with snakes? I was showing off. It bit me. Danny likes to tell the story, I went over there and sucked the blood right out of Michael's arm. Thank god it wasn't his . So I said he didn't -- he was there. He didn't do anything. He gets a lot of mileage with that story. You know what, I think it's a really good story. I gotta say it's safe to say the way he said it, you wouldn't be here if it was. You guys have done five movies together. You met in the '60s in acting school. You were roommates. We were roommates. Wet met -- we met at a summer theater. He was the American academy of dramatic arts. Danny had long hair. He had a big long head of hair. He went to a lady's hair dresser and all that before he went to acting. Then we became roommates in new York for a couple years. We were the odd couple to say the least. Then he came out and visited me when I finished college. We've been best friends ever since. Before we let you go, we have to ask you a few questions. We want to do a rapid fire with you. Rapid fire. It's Devito versus Nicholson. Oh. Sounds like a category in "Jeopardy." You've been arrested and have one phone call. Devito or Nicholson and why? I'm in jail. I'm in jail. Neither one of them. Sorry, Mikey D. So sorry. Sorry about that, man. I'm in jail. Here goes another one you're fighting a bunch of soccer hooligans. Who do you want in the scrap? Devito or Nicholson? I want jack. Brief story. Jack was with me in Spain at my home one time. We were playing golf. There was a bunch of Paparazzi around. After the game, we were in the locker room. He went to take a shower. He was taking a shower. He came out of the show. Up in the window somebody had a camera and was holding the camera up there. The next thing I know I'm getting ready. His buddy comes out. He's bleeding. I said what's going on? He said jack went out and -- that was the old days when golf shoes had spikes. He grabbed the guy around the head. He had his golf shoe and went like this. A buddy of mine grabbed jack. He said no, no, don't do this. This is not good for Michael. This is not good for Michael. He said it's too late. Wow. The next day, the paper had the title of -- the English speaking paper said "The jack attack." I love being around you. Me too. Thank you, Michael. You bring light and happiness. Thank you, guys. Love you, buddy. Good luck to your jets too and my giants. We're both suffering this year. "The kominsky method" streaming on Netflix right now.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Michael Douglas says he's getting more attention for the \"Kominsky Method\" than any other project. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59579569","title":"Danny DeVito saved Michael Douglas' life when a snake bit him","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/danny-devito-saved-michael-douglas-life-snake-bit-59579569"}