Ellie Kemper reveals surprising thing she learned about Steve Carell

Ellie Kemper spills "Bridesmaids" secrets, a surprising thing about her co-star from her first day at "The Office," and more from her new book, "My Squirrel Days."
6:48 | 10/09/18

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Transcript for Ellie Kemper reveals surprising thing she learned about Steve Carell
Over the weekend you went back to princeton. You went back to your ALMA mater princeton. Yes, I did. How was that? I gave a speech at this dinner. There was a convention of all female alumni from princeton. It was called a she roars conference. The mascot is the tiger. I felt like Beyonce. I was up giving this empowering speech to over 3,000 women. It was so energizing. The energy in the room was electric. It's been such a tricky past couple weeks. I felt like it was a bonding time. I was so nostalgic. I had to make a stop to our wawa. Does everyone know what that is? Wawa is the best. Is that the grocery store? Yes. I've been out of college for a while. It's totally different. They modernized it. It was so sleek. The wawa has gone totally high class. Totally. I saw a little squirrel and the first question was is that a real squirrel? That's a real squirrel and the squirrel's name is squirrel. That's profound. Do with it what you will. "My squirrel days." What is the book about? It's about growing up in the midwest, trying to make it in show business, playing field hockey in college, starting a life in New York City. I cover stories from my life that a lot of people have gone through. A fish out of water, making a new start for yourself. The stories are -- I hope they're funny. They're light. I hope it's a nice break for people right now. It's hard out there. You need light. You need funny. You talk about a new start. Your first start with "The office," you consider that your big break. You said on your first day on set you learned something about Steve carell. Yes, I did. First of all, he is a national treasure. This is a good thing. We love Steve carell. I went to pick -- there's a table called craft services where they provide lovely food for you. I went to reach for a bagel. I didn't see any tongs. Bartan who was head of -- Bartan? Yes. He was a vampire. Bartan said no. I said what? He was a beefy guy. He said you cannot use your hands to touch the bagels, only Steve carell can. I know. He was right. I didn't see any tongs. Zblrks -- Wow. I know. Even hygiene is a status game. Only Steve carell rides above it. Because his germs are next level. Exactly. You were also in one of my favorite movies, "Bridesmaids." So good. You've been a bridesmaid nine times. Yes. Have you ever had a bridesmaid moment? Yes. I have been a bridesmaid a lot. Not to brag or anything. I have a lot of friends. I thought when I would become a bride I would be laid back and cool. No. Total opposite. You were a villain. Total villain. There's so much pressure on you. At the beginning I was like guys choose what you want to wear. Fast forward two months I was like you will be wearing this. You will wear your hair this way. It wasn't my finest hour. You were measuring their hair to make sure it was the same length. Yes. We know you and Sara are both from the midwest. She's from Iowa. You're from Missouri. We coordinated a game to see who knows the midwest the best. I love this. Come on you two. Let's go over here. I'm in the middle. You're both on the sides. It's called the best in the midwest. I'll ask these questions. It's multiple choice. I love you so much. We're friends. You're going to love each other at the end. You're from the midwest. Which state is said to be flatter than a pancake? Iowa. I got to give you the answers and you pick. Missouri, Kansas or Illinois. I think it's Kansas. You're right. It doesn't count. It counts. I love you said Iowa and it's not even on there. You haven't been there. What a puppy chow made of? Chex cereal, peanut butter, crushed cheese, or applesauce. Chex, the first one. That wasn't the first one. Chex with the powder sugar. It's the first thing you make in home ec. I'm so proud. What do mid westerners call a vacuum? A Hoover, a sweeper, a sucker upper. What do we call a vacuum? For the record we call it a vacuum. Guess one. I'll say Hoover. It's a sweeper. Nobody calls it that. Let's finish up. What do mid westerners call this carbonated drink? We have it right here. Soda, coke or pop. Pop. All right. We did it. One last question. When you've had one too many beers you are blasted, plastered or snockered? I'm going to say plastered. What was the first one? Blasted, plastered or snockerred? Snockerred. There you go. Ellie's book is in store's now. Make sure you pick it up. Next up we have the viral

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"Ellie Kemper spills \"Bridesmaids\" secrets, a surprising thing about her co-star from her first day at \"The Office,\" and more from her new book, \"My Squirrel Days.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58386284","title":"Ellie Kemper reveals surprising thing she learned about Steve Carell ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/ellie-kemper-reveals-surprising-thing-learned-steve-carell-58386284"}