The fashion trailblazer who helped design LeBron James' female sneaker

Brandice Daniel and her Harlem's Fashion Row designers show off their latest collections.
6:08 | 02/13/19

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Transcript for The fashion trailblazer who helped design LeBron James' female sneaker
Our next guest is fashion trailblazer and owner of Harlem's fashion row which is partnered with Nike and Lebron James and it was part of new York's fashion week. Please give a warm welcome to brandice Daniel. Hi. Welcome. Thank you. I'm so excited to be here. So nice to see you. Harlem's fashion row, how did you come up with this idea? How was it born? I was living in Harlem at the time and had an idea that I wanted to do a show featuring black designers in Harlem. No one knew me. I was a total fashion outsider. I'm from Memphis, but I kept going to people and convincing them to be apart of this, and when I researched and found that African-Americans spent over $22 billion a year, but represent less than 1% of designers in major department stores, I knew I wanted to be a solution. And a solution you are, and it really is amazing because we look back at black history month and we look back at everything in the past, but we also need to look forward to trailblazers like yourself and what you are doing in the community. I applaud you for that. And you made history because you designed this Lebron James 16 sneaker which was the first Lebron signature shoe designed by women for women. Yes. That is, like, wow. It sold out in five minutes. What was it like seeing this come to fruition? Look. I'm still digesting this. It still feels like a dream, but I remember when me and the designers went into Nike's offices from day one. They showed the designers so much respect and there was a point in time where the designers, they were, like, in a zone and I looked at them and I was, like, this project is going to be special. Then we got to show the shoe to Lebron, and while we're showing him the shoe, one of the designers said, Lebron, this shoe is amazing, but what's even more amazing is the fact that me and these other two designers have come together and formed a sisterhood that we really have learned that collaboration is so much better than competition. And he said, that's the story I want to tell. Good for Lebron. That makes me love it more. Yeah. I think that was amazing and the shoes are only available for women. Collaborate on size 14s. Now it's time -- we're going to see some of your designers. They're going to show their designs, but first we have looks from undra Celeste. So untra Celeste is a designer for the everyday woman who wants a little bit of edge and love pops of color. This particular collection, the bright side was recently shown in New York fashion week. Somehow her pieces managed to make you feel happy and fierce at the same time. Yes. I don't know how she does that. Love it. We have a couple models. We'll have them come out. And the color. The color makes you happy. Absolutely. Yes. The kaleidoscope fringe dress has been an absolute favorite. That dress is absolutely a show stopper and this is her best seller. This is the joy dress. She brings it out every season in different colors. It's absolutely beautiful on all body types. Absolutely because it embraces curvy women and I'm curvy and that's the kind of thing I want. Absolutely. And we have the designer here, undra Celeste, New York. Welcome, undra. Thank you. Thank you. Tell us what inspired this line. This collection, the bright side was inspired by my family, the women in my family I should say. They came to -- my family is from the west indies and they came here looking for a better life and worked in a lot of domestic capacities when they first got here, but on the weekends, like, these women, six sisters, would transform and I think the best way to describe them is they would transform into, like, Donna Summers and Diana Ross. So, you know, although their weeks weren't that bright, their weekend was the bright side. They got together and came together as sisters, overdressed for everything that they went to and I was really -- I actually went back and looked at old photo albums and pictures of them. They were fierce. They were amazing. Thank you. Thank you. So much. Thank you so much. You know, next we have fe Noel. Now the fe knoll collection honestly just makes me want to luxuriate on a's so regal yet relaxed. Her clothes have a way of I think making women feel like goddesses while doing her everyday chores. And now, Sara, as a mom, you will love her pieces. You will feel glamorous while you're changing diapers. Yes. And here are our models. So elegant. Yes. And so this is a printed chiffon dress. I'm sorry. This is a robe here. The robe with wide-legged pant. This is so cute. And this is a belt here. It is beautiful. It will jazz up every outfit, and we have the designer here with us. We have to know what inspired this, like, luxuriating on the beach look. So I'm from a caribbean background and this collection is inspired by my mother. She came from a caribbean island called Grenada and she created a beautiful life for herself, so I wanted to pay homage to her by designing a collection that showed how I viewed her as a queen, but at the same time, I'm a new mom and I wanted to be comfortable and loose and flowy. I understand. Tell you what. Everybody come on out.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Brandice Daniel and her Harlem's Fashion Row designers show off their latest collections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61050326","title":"The fashion trailblazer who helped design LeBron James' female sneaker","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/fashion-trailblazer-helped-design-lebron-james-female-sneaker-61050326"}