'Giant' reunion on 'GMA Day'

Tiki Barber and Amani Toomer reunite with Michael for an incredible tribute.
6:17 | 09/11/18

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Transcript for 'Giant' reunion on 'GMA Day'
hearts and minds of every americ many us rememring how lif seemed to ill in the weeks that followed. W a new exbition, "Comeback seas, sports aer 9/11," looks at the role sports and athleteslayed in helping to the a unimaginable grief. We all spent so much time in the city. I'm pret sure most of us he be TD trade center and N yk a see there gone pele that were in them and the people on the plane. Own michaeltr defensivd for the New York giants along wit decided they wouldn't play anymore games and that their fans need them moroff the with the whole Coury inurning, T NFL postponed all games set for that Sunday. For uss ers, it's secondary. Foball is ney and the count needs E behind the effort to save as many people as possible and try T get the city back on its et The team instead bringing sues T grounzero, siting fire hous and first Ders to offer support.in the days and with followed many began answering the president's called America are asking what is expected of us.you to livyour lives Ames resuming, stadiums filling, paying tribute to the falleniving everyone something to cheer. Baseball'return to yorkity at Shea stadium, this run was N just fothe New York mets,utor a city resing to surrender. President bushows out th first pitch atame tee of theworld and the very firstichael andhe giants playeder 9/11 kansasitagainst the chiefs. Kansas citing new Yo with cheers and love. I wan welcome ti barberd Amani Toomer. They're my former Tates fro that season. Wh's up, as? Plause ] I had my vivid memories from th whatere your F memories and thoughts when you heard what happened? I livednew York athe time was one the few guys that lived in city. Fed to be ho. After T camenver. Ck on tuesy morning and feelinth -- I don't know as uncomfoable.cially after planes ashe world trade center and wngton, D.C I felt like the entiation was under at. We dtnowhere tgo. Something no one had ever experienced at that time. Amani, how was it for you? I remember sitting in my apartmenwahe towers burns and the F-16s flying, I felt like it was World War III. I felt like we were at war. We watching the TV St to figure out what was going, what wash next step. I just loved the way New York caog it was apecial tto. You saw the resilience of everybody coming back and strength of the city. I jt really remember that' on of the most viv memories I F the situation. Twas like -it was a situation where we were able to done next weend. We werall very adamant we weren't playing football that next week. No. You were the player rep. Was. You and the jets player rep we to T commissioner and the nf and said W can't play. Ns of the towers were acro from our practice field.I always tell tstory. Thre cars inur parkinglot that never it was giants stadium and it W a coer lot to go into new York City. I rememboming out week later saying these cars are still here and they're never going to leato pla a football game that week wouldn't haeen ssible. Agree. When we came back, we played Kansas City, we played the chiefs. The midwest -- you're from io yeaanmy nephew who know Iowa. Ve to be ptio the iefs as we. After that game, I wa partial to the chiefs.their arms T he firemen helmend ot went around that were fans donating money, all the money was matched by the it W a very, verecial moment for all of us to be reence of evybody not just I woulnever forget. Em Davis ting. They had us lineup for the national. That was one of the first we did that. He was suting and started crying.getting rey to play game. 'Sing and evody is -- itble situation that's one of the memors I haves well. Tragedy brings out that the CI specificay. Yeah, the city specifically. If you G to the memorial, the"comebac season exhib is amazing. Alksbout how sports bridged the DIV fe tragedy to feeling Normal again. For so long we didn't want to cheer, but it gavelicense to bepy and be sted from the tragedy. Tty amazi time. Sports became a distraction. It also puything else into perspect gentmen, thank you for being here. Everybody stay R twe'll be rht back. Fromhe

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"Tiki Barber and Amani Toomer reunite with Michael for an incredible tribute.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57750220","title":"'Giant' reunion on 'GMA Day'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/giant-reunion-gma-day-57750220"}