Hilarious 'American Housewife' star Katy Mixon tells us about her funny firsts

Katy Mixon stops by "GMA Day" to chat about an interesting Halloween she had as a kid.
6:04 | 11/01/18

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Transcript for Hilarious 'American Housewife' star Katy Mixon tells us about her funny firsts
from hit shows like "Eastbound & down" and also "Mike & Molly," and now you can see her on Wednesday nights on "American housewife." Let's take a look at a clip. Seasons are winter, spring, summer and fall. What kind of town has plastic surgery season? Well, apparently Katy complaining season lasts year round. Just to be clear, the point of breakfast is to complain. Stop calling me out, and also, Greg's nose is whistling again. Please give a warm welcome to the very funny Katy Mixon. ?????? Hi, honey. Hi, pumpkin. Hello. Good to see you. Good to see you too. Good to see you. Hi, everybody. You are -- we were talking before you came out here. We love you. You are so funny. You're so good in everything that you do. So good. You're so kind. "Four christmases," I was just reenacting all your scenes. He was, like, I have to rewatch the movie. Honey, I had a ball on that. I loved it so much. The taboo scene. Yes. They added that scene at the very end. At the very end. Had a P.A., like, knock on the door and literally he was, like, hey. You're going to film this tomorrow. It was literally, like, 12:00 A.M. I was, like, amazing. Let's do it. Halloween was last night. It was. And how was Halloween for you growing up? We celebrated at the church. We -- I grew up at the church and it was called hallelujah night. Everybody is afraid to laugh because you're talking about church and they are, like, are you supposed to laugh because it's religious. I literally -- and I always chose the queens. We had to dress up as bible characters and I always chose the queens because they wore gold and I was Esther, and every year I did a different queen. So yeah. Does your family -- you have two kids. I have two babies. Two babies. Back to back. And your husband was on his own yesterday because you were here. He was with our nannies which are an amazing team to help me fill. Yes. How did that go for them? Do they hallelujah? They did not. No. They celebrated. They had many different outfits during the day that they would be in, and they did it. They had so much -- I know. That's electra and that's king. Kingston. Electra was a lamb at one point yesterday, and then yeah. King was a firefighter. I love the names by the way. Right? They are so close together so we gave them the same middle name. You were, like, Irish twins there. I don't know what was happening. I was trying to do the math and it didn't add up. Didn't add up. Still haven't recovered. You also play a mom on the show. I do. Which you are so funny. I love your character on the show, but what is Katy up to on this show this season? Katy has a job. Katy has gotten into the work force and is going to marry the two. So she is an event coordinator on top of raising the the three babies. Not three babies. Three kids. Hardest job you will ever do. I know. I'm with you. You were pregnant for the first two seasons. How was it shooting without a baby on board? Well, in the middle of shooting right now, and it's magical. It feels special. I'm not growing a leg. I'm not having a make a lung inside of me while working 65-hour workweeks. So yeah. I'm welcoming it. I'm not growing a leg. Truly multitasking. We shoot. It's a crazy schedule. We shoot an episode a week, so I shoot about 25 to 30 scenes in one week. Whoa. But I couldn't be more grateful. I'm loving every bit of it. It's a lot of hard work, these sitcoms. People see the end result and the half-hour show. 22 minutes, and you're, like, you do all that? It's 22 minutes long. You make it look easy. It's a 65-hour week. Yeah. It's the first of November, and the first time you have been on "Gma day." We're going to play a game with you. Let's do it. It's called "First things first." We're going to find out some more firsts about you. I'm an open book. Let's do it. Give us ideas. Get right to it. Okay. Here we go. Who was your first concert? Britney spears. Really? Totally. I know. ??? Hit me baby one more -- ??? Okay. First time you got fired. Ready? 2003, it was a show called "It's all relative." I played Suzie, the waitress who served sushi and I said my lines and I knew my lines and was present and accounted for. For whatever reason, it wasn't meant to be, and I got fired while I was in my trailer eating melons out on the paramount lot. So you're over it? I'm over it. I remember it very well. They're going, oh, man. Now we have a star. We wish them the best. First tattoo? When I met my husband -- I don't have any tattoos. When I met my husband -- when I met my husband, three weeks in, we got these. Oh. I know. Three weeks in? I'm a rebel. You knew this was the man for you. I knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt, I knew it. Did you think, that's going to hurt if I have to take it off? Yeah. Completely. Yeah. Yeah. You have never taken it off. Never taken it off. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you, honey.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Katy Mixon stops by \"GMA Day\" to chat about an interesting Halloween she had as a kid.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58902077","title":"Hilarious 'American Housewife' star Katy Mixon tells us about her funny firsts","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/hilarious-american-housewife-star-katy-mixon-tells-us-58902077"}