Keira Knightley reveals she only watched 'Love Actually' once 15 years ago

Plus, the "Collette" movie star chats about how her 3-year-old wants to be a dentist.
5:40 | 09/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Keira Knightley reveals she only watched 'Love Actually' once 15 years ago
next "Rachael!" Welcome ckay." Mil and I are ING a LE bit oveoust becausit's not oy time ademy award nelso starring in the new mov move ette," but also she is from one of our Vo rom-coms ever, " actually,thought we would brier ouin "Love actually" style. Okay. ?????? Please welcome a knigy. ow. Hi. Mean -- T you go. Have a seat. THA you very . Ohthank you. Ow you doing? I'm, I'm so pleased that you watchethat film to get pumped. I never thought -- Nothing saytting pump for a football gamove actually." Yei watch it it warms mart. Iy -- it's one of my it and everythought I S lying. We tht it was aine. Doesn't itound a little bit ofa line? It sods like a ne. Bum so pleased. It is not. I hart. T I wonderdo you watch it when it comes on? I only saw it once when it rs out. How long ago was that? 15 years ago. I was veryry I was thing. I have only seen it once. One time? Yeah. I feel you're rain yourselfnot having seen this. Am I? Atle bit. You should tune back in. Tr I don't H my -- I tc all once and I'm, like, okay. Co Y can fast forwyour scenes. I'm hardly in it. Hen you move on, right? KINT feels Weit down and watch your own thin I'll watchhe rest oft. Then I'll really eny it. You STA actin really young, and we have a fro onof yourirston-see roles. Little one on the left. Is it true you asked for an agenen you wer3 S old? And she esn't know, so I don'tw. I ink my mom was and my dad was an actor. There were agents ringing the house, and was, like, if you have go don't I ve so I had to wait a real. 6 e,an I get a bike? I got ant. Your daughter I she doesn't ask or know. So be a denti and I'm happy about it. That's a good job. That's a great job, a cous but something I'm prettyknow. You're plan the sugar plum fairy in"thenutcracker in four realms." Has your dter seen Y in the costume S came to set quite a lot, and whatou can't seerom this picture is the dress that I'm wearint' L and it wort of lika bell. She kept going underneath and saying, mommy, you're wearing a tent. What was really weird is I was quite Cal when I GHT her toet I it'suite ereme. It's a very big, pink wig. I said, maybe she'll a title freaked out. E didn't en bat an eyelid. Hello. Hell M. T normallyook like ts. Does srasp when U are on a screen and she sees you? Pirates of taribbean" was on over Christmas, and I thought, I'll leave it and see how she reacts. It was a bit where I water, and a, she saidmommy, you have fallen in the water. Said, I rescuyou, and then just walkedoff, a that wa it. You have a little actress on I he Oa dentist. She is a sweet she sounds like a sweetheart. Worn a lot of corsets, wigs, at"pride and prejudic"he duchs"d now "Col." Y. Novelists of all-time. E was married to a man Cal who took credit for her first four novels. It story oow sort of -- thatlationshiphow she find her own voice. It's veryempowering. It's a verytpiece,ich I always . Yeah.male. Hqueen, and Keira knightley I "Colette." We have a clip as well. Re's keirani It's just me. It is heading for her T printing. Excellent. I believe you hadething to impart on your sl days. Yes I thin had a little somng to contribute. Well,'m very glad your experiens ve warranted some wonderful things. Very nice to meet you. If I S still plg foball, I would watch this to get pumped up. Great I actualove every ti seyou. T Y And you nee wve actually". I at home, make sure you get out day. It hitseptember 21st to see "Colette." 'Sha you better do.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"Plus, the \"Collette\" movie star chats about how her 3-year-old wants to be a dentist. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57800471","title":"Keira Knightley reveals she only watched 'Love Actually' once 15 years ago","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/keira-knightley-reveals-watched-love-15-years-ago-57800471"}