Michael and Sara learn the art of plating take-out food

Maria Nguyen shows them how to elevate every day take-out.
7:13 | 01/30/19

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Transcript for Michael and Sara learn the art of plating take-out food
Exciting is the new bring you segment we're about to roll out a similar trends I think you have learned at the I'm. Without much cheaper way to impress your friends without breaking the bank. You're gonna love our brand new series of blue she on the budget yeah. I've got to make your take out look like it's from a five star restaurant is founder of the art a play plating Maria wing Kyle. Oh yeah. You re helping us out yeah what easy. Our complete team cell I don't think it's a web site and I found by Isabella OK all about really beautiful spirit and there's a point of art we weren't returned to chefs and restaurants and all over the world and and despite creativity in the kitchen. And today I'm gonna shade guy is how it's he would sneak peek out which is that my feelings and have you seen as gay in my house obviously. And that you know we're ready to clean it into really beautiful foods you can have. Five strikes being sent home OK I did two out of Mortimer used to sit straight. How do we do here is do you see she on Cheney is and his aunt and if you look over there we have. The dish is kind of already done. On that it was an accident the after. OK so now we know would need to try to dig it looked like he Regan exactly itself first we have. Sushi. It's illegal to rest on its silk comedian I believe preparing when you bring home in a container in the acted in bad it's just not as great little dinky it is a little bit. And then looked so what we're gonna ideas jealous that he's getting needed teacher and then you have. If you're not good I'm good indicated that it would come and take the heat alert. A petite amount share. It hasn't really cool wavy design it's something they clearly having a kitchen currently just gonna take it and flooded this in this silly silence her and heals us you'll see just that he is. You know the joke. Stamping and holiday buying for a little bit small it drips off. And then went and stamped onto the plate instantly anyway you want the art scene I have a body through the lab Gregoire and you. He handed down yet I'll like yours is dripping. Just like that and then neck and a three star restaurant on the far side. I ask you call motivated Brady. The night at a rock on The Big Talker in the room you're yeah. I think you're not so good in the kitchen I yeah he's rumored. Really after not talking about a little NFL. Even he could deal with your eyes closed. It's a start there yeah. We can take the stand bus and look how cool that the Zion I'm not well here's looks at me say yeah her group is RA. And then looks me dead sushi what is place on and however. He's feeling hit the on the Noory on TV watchers people like her I know you you surprised that they use these just beats aren't you I am. And a BA yah I don't know nothing about they had ginger hair it's limited wins not me. Let's. Yeah. Great yeah I'm not. Feet big did he ever used this I'm guessing not told them kind of pulling in mrs. doubtfire. It's me as yet so I'm. And away but I am sure we look at that mouth Hamas not that great spirits up the crowd. Yeah. I don't know I'm Christina this is the low mean prominent jumping here. Oppose him because when I throw down I followed your excellent student. Yeah. Well let me his state take out I mean who doesn't love hanging speedway a lot of big market whom he isn't any sport military every good work GAAP. More than a deal is for than its world. The and we're companies could carving forth any news that but I'm just and its world that noodles around before Eric home. Really gifted big fourth minute I'm just trying to work with tools Larry have a home. Gas and then we're gonna put it in the south. Terence Newman heard enforcing control. He's tragedy if you looked by anyway. I believe that starving deer that I'm anti that's please hey look and then just take a little better than vegetable don't. And I'm devastated to compliment Ovie happen again don't want did at a map and get between the you've been doing job. And yeah. Clean up and asked did. You're gonna want a fresh pair and that's exactly. Facility that would take a look at the vegetables. And kept me sit around. I'm beyond me if I'm sort of your album happy like guilty your I have frustrate your. Oscar hungry yeah. Why are you kidding let's see how skinny count your oven and hey there to put your finger over the top three shaken up OK yeah page into that part of a few million. As clean bottle when this is teriyaki sauce cadets he's good looking we'll speak live period Tel plus or whatever you want and I'm just gonna do you hope really equals. Sky unnecessarily design around. The plane or anything it's. When everything you want to this all about PP TV is no right or wrong here the deal little bit better that's all. Okay. Now yeah. I take it that you do want to make sure you get rid of those boxes and not Euro trash. You put it in the trunk or you bear even the neighbors but DR. You don't fly at trailed bagel I NG in another that you got to meet Healy standard edition in the kitchen to begin next. Did you cook. We put a lot of effort it has worked baking the cut. Still this is the funds partly eaten there is making a band got its mostly he's. We'd but store bought cheesecake NICU is like pies and cookies or whatever you want PH Liz. Absolutely. Every line. Sell an antique this later. We have some chocolates are as my house and laying around her armor and I'm just gonna lie yet. Hall heavens let's tackle bill Melton white bear ray. A it. Twenty it and we just got it CM thick sound like this. The current commitment and only paid well. See you try. I wanna track he did a little like bread. You. Money in the hands I want used to hate unions and that's bound TT tech totaled. Inch. While that's. Betsy good. Looks like your teacher might say. Not even taking K give clearer. Yeah. Listen you check out Bolivia to bring pad the art. Plenty.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"Maria Nguyen shows them how to elevate every day take-out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60729152","title":"Michael and Sara learn the art of plating take-out food","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michael-sara-learn-art-plating-food-60729152"}