Pharrell Williams on 'GMA Day'

How Pharrell Williams is pulling off a big surprise and helping kids across the country!
6:01 | 09/10/18

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Transcript for Pharrell Williams on 'GMA Day'
good to see you. Y ood. Good. Welcome. Wel. Hat's you all over there. A seat. Thank you. How you D I'm good. I never know -- it's wed, you know, my impression of television is stillce I was aid. When people walk out a high ve people, always do I wed. I'm like -- Everybody loves it. Get a conction without. Omething W alwsant to feel. Connected to yorousic. Thank you. Yh a talented sts freaky. You have your pu one thing have your lse on family and ieer of twins. You' a father of triplets. Funact about phll you didn't know. I'mcurious. My twii don't kn wt to do. W dltriplets? Youe out numbed. No. Firs all, my we have R son rocket who is an R. Our parents are involved and also have a staff - in terms of nurses, we have like 12 people. 2 people? Eah. I G up my game. No wonder it's overwhelming. 12 ladieshaare in constant 3:00 in the morni- it's a real thing. It's a production. Theids learn fast. How old are Yo 13. 3 months. 1years and trust me I'm St 're building a new F That's a nice W to put it. Boys are coming into P We ghter is a crazy place. Yes, it is. Men. It's a beautiful place. But it's a crplace. But it's a crazy place. It's likcountry. Beautifulbut it's czy. It's a lit crazy. You've beraveling a summer wh N.E.R.D. Yes. You and ywife Helen have older son, the triplet. Yeah. Do th travel wi you? Do you takthem wit I can barely get mine to the pa it's beenne time we took them back to Virginia which is where, you know --T's the place Thate us or ma me. We're excited, man. It's our first show. Congrulations bthe way. THA Y. [ Applau I understannight you're hosting a special event in brooklynalled the yellow ball and you're lighting the state ilding U Yellow. Telus about tt. Ellow is T color for curiosity and creativity. We hav support the guys. The ia verroad range ofisciplines think about it like what you home, wh you guys E Aring, everng that's out there, that is not organic was some person's idea. Itome person's that is art. Nee tprotecd. Whethe is drawing, painting, a televisihow, writing shoes, ls themselves, it needs E protected. We teamed up with ic fit to, you know -- for the prvae arts. We have to -- you guys a arts. Gineers are artists.we have to preth the arts are disaping from iculums inools. For us, art institutions and some of T charies, we want to make it ava you D donate Ta 501(c)3 choice out of Thi incredible list of art organizations that American Express put together. Us it was like we gotta do this. You gottathis and HP the kids E are artists like you say. Youare artist H, so we stayed ll GHT on this art. That, ma next to O of thgrammys yogot. You know, this is why we have to protect the art We also got you at you might actually we Wwent a little more tistic here. I was the first guest on " day" and got was ts loly t-shirt. We got to protect sthank you F being herand R protecting one of the best things we, every you N head over Toa day" check out W you can

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"How Pharrell Williams is pulling off a big surprise and helping kids across the country!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57730027","title":"Pharrell Williams on 'GMA Day'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/pharrell-williams-gma-day-57730027"}