Have you ever put on a little 'love weight'?

Sara says of her husband, Max: "I wish [he] would get a little soft ... he sets the bar high."
2:14 | 09/24/18

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Transcript for Have you ever put on a little 'love weight'?
It is a bad day. For relationships. I'll get a break and had a good day remains. But why would this that the different type of thing that is like a bad before wait in relationships. It did the new survey three out of four Americans and relationship are here and around a bit of what they call love waits. BP yeah. It is what debate average average responded to adopt a pig gained on average 36. How. They gained seventeen and a first year. Seeing my mom calls those happy pounds that we need happy start to eat together because like Tom Kelly said a guiding eats pizza is happy. That's not say that the guy who Thomas single everybody's okay. So would probably had a relationship he that in 36 to that. So did that's what the people to think about what the survey say but they say that because people increased ordering now increased you drink more together. And a lot of ways they know people know today that could. Prevent. People don't feel the presser stand estate when you have a significant other. Well that's just lazy on the job because my mom said you are what your partner to always remained to keep that part of the relationship. Alive. A hot okay if this question say here in the gym every day and how we're to the killing yourself you're looking good. But you notice department like go ahead baby I'm with an on account the want to move cops. And and then next thing you know he's putting on 36 use name you know. Breaks only what would you what would the would you encourage would you do that all of you do wish Max would get a little soft because it it sets the bar very high heat always looks really good and I swish a little jig on parts. So I wouldn't mind if he joined me has. I use a little less hot and it's from him. You know way. They'll believe it and then I. Somebody paid out once today I want people.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Sara says of her husband, Max: \"I wish [he] would get a little soft ... he sets the bar high.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58045110","title":"Have you ever put on a little 'love weight'? ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/put-love-weight-58045110"}