'Real Housewives' with Melissa Gorga and Margaret Josephs

The "RHONJ" stars re-enact their infamous pool scene and more with Michael and Sara.
7:29 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for 'Real Housewives' with Melissa Gorga and Margaret Josephs
This is day three of our "Real housewives" week, and we have two of the fiercest, sassiest women from New Jersey. Please welcome Melissa gorga and Margaret Josephs. Hello. Great to see you. Come on up. Nice to see you. Great. How are you? So great having you guys here. Now come on over here, Melissa. We're going to take the couch. Okay. Come to our living room. I like this. We have a pool in front of us. Oh, you do. That should scare you a little bit. The pool. But in the last episode -- I want to start out with a splash. I picked those words on purpose, but Margaret, you and your husband pushed someone else's husband into a pool. Yes. In the last episode. We did. This is confirmed and true. I think we have a clip. Oh my god. Oh my god. So what happened? You are a little . You go home and she's going to -- You emasculate him. Hold on a second. Whoa, whoa. What just happened? That's not good. So now that brings us to our Barbie set. We want to reenact that scene. What went down? Well -- Do you need us to play the part? I'll be the antagonizer. You be Joe. He'll be Marty, and there's me. Okay. You just emasculate. Don't, you know, don't yell at my wife. Don't yell at my wife. My wife is gorgeous. Exactly. You're a liar, Marty. I can't stand -- and then both of us -- Both push at the same time? We both pushed at the same time. Woo! Who is emasculating now? I go, your husband's in the pool. That's how you did it? We walked up, in a very calm way though. There is quite a bit of fighting. There is. Especially when you went to Mexico. Yes. You have the reunions coming up. The reunion is tonight. So are we going to see some fireworks? Yes. Listen. Coming right at me. I think it's a little unexpected. The fans of our show, the reunion is high tension. It's 12 hours, sometimes 13, sit ING there, and Andy is asking done, and it's high tension. I think Teresa and I go at it a little bit in this reunion. In a family sort of way. It is. I was taken off garden. Teresa came in hot. She was, like, ready to go. Came in hot for Melissa, and I was surprised. Whoa. Where is this coming from? I was, like, wait. I was just at your house eating pasta. What's the matter? She was, like, on another level. I don't even know. It's not a family without dysfunction, but you have said you credit the show with saving your relationship with her. I'm not going to deny it also causes tension because you're on a show together, but the fact that we have to work together and we have to go on vacations together. Is it kind of -- I don't know that we would plan a vacation together. I'm being honest. I don't know that we would do that, but the show brings us together on vacation and they make us talk about our problems and we're sisters-in-law, you know? But at the end of the day, it's nice to be, like, we're together a lot because of the show, and I secretly Thi it helps. It's, like -- You can ignore. How many people, like, they don't answer the phone for their mothers-in-law? I can't do that. See you in a couple of hours and I'll have a mic on and we'll talk it out. We love each other. There is love there. We won't go back to that, dark, dark place. We argue. Y agree with -- I don't agree with half the things she says. I argue with him. We don't vacation together. The great thing is I'm always right. So it doesn't matter. It's real. It's really real. We don't do anything for the cameras. It's always a real conversation. Both of you, what sets the New Jersey housewives -- apart from the other? What's the difference in this show? Family. I think everybody has their own unique family. My children aren't on the show, but I have my mother, my husband, the people that work for me. I have my own unique family. Melissa has her beautiful family, her children. Our show is all about family. Our husbands are on a lot of the ISES. You'll see our children a lot more. You'll know the other franchise's husband. We're the family show. By the way, there is something about Jersey. Yes. Yes. I mean, if you ask me, a lot of great reality shows come from Jersey. It's true. Let's just fist pump for that. But you brought up that your husbands and family is on this show. We have a game we want to play with you, and it's called -- both your husbands names are Joe. Not the same Joe. Two separate joes. Two different joes. It's called, who knows their Joe? We'll give you some quotes and we want you to tell us whose husband said it, but he's doing a few trick quotes from other famous joes? Okay. Okay. Are you ready? First up, which Joe said, you're not marrying just one person. You're marrying everybody that's in the family. Not my Joe. Not my Joe. Hey, peanut gallery. My Joe didn't say that. My Joe. Wrong. Margaret's Joe. And your fan knows you better than you do. What did my Joe say? The fan was, like, Margaret. We're not doing that. Next up -- which Joe said, we have these enemies that we don't even know, saying stuff about me that no one even knew? Uh-oh. You're good. These are hard. These are good. Jesus. I don't think my husband either. That's your husband. I have a feeling you're not really listening to your husband. I know. They talk too much. I'm going to finish on one. Which Joe said, I trust no one, not even myself? My Joe? Not my Joe. Or Joseph Stalin. By the way -- he doesn't go by Joe. Well, you know what? You are, like, killing them. We stink at this. We would like to introduce you to your husbands after this. We have got to do one more good one to close it out. Okay. Here we go. Which Joe says, there is no better way to say I love you than with a jar pull of pickles? Not my Joe. Not my Joe. Yeah. That was trader Joe's. Thank you guys so much for being here today. Thank you. Of course. Let you really go though, you are both fashionistas. You own a clothing store and you're a fashion designer. Yes. You created a housewife look for under $200. We did. That we are going to debut on our Facebook page. Go to "Strahan and Sara's" Facebook page and start dressing like a real housewife. That's right. Bougie on a budget. Yes. Thank you both for being here. Everybody, make sure you check out the reunion tonight on

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"The \"RHONJ\" stars re-enact their infamous pool scene and more with Michael and Sara.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61189856","title":"'Real Housewives' with Melissa Gorga and Margaret Josephs","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/real-housewives-melissa-gorga-margaret-josephs-61189856"}