'Little' star Marsai Martin

Michael sits down with the 14-year old "Blackish" star to talk about her latest job: executive producer.
6:11 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for 'Little' star Marsai Martin
Say one more thing, I dare you. Fine. You're too fat for that skirt. You know what, you want to take it there we're going old school. Oh. Let's go. Requesting backup. We have a "BMW" situation, black mama whooping. I love it. I love that clip and that was a clip from the movie "Little." It hits theaters this Friday April 12th. It stars "Black-ish's" marsai martin. She's just 14 years old, she's the film's executive producer. Marsai, thank you for joining me. Thank you for having me. You're 14, and you have made history. You're the youngest executive producer in the history of Hollywood. Yeah. What? At first when I heard it, I thought, other people that have done it before me. It was crazy that I was the first. So, now, I want to keep on inspiring young girls like me or anybody older they can do whatever at any age. I would be remiss sitting in front of an executive producer who has her own production company and I didn't throw a few, you know, I have a few ideas to pitch to you. You got ideas? Yeah. Okay. Hold on for this one. Okay, "Wild ride." It's a movie about an ex-football player. He's tall, dark and handsome. He has a gap in his teeth and it works for him. He has a chance to put on the helmet on one more time and prove that he's still got it. Feelin' me? Feelin' me? Well, keep going. The collision he has on the field spirals him out of control. Next thing you know, he's in a new world. His teeth have no space. He's a professional dart thrower and he hosts a radio show with joy Behar and it's called "Gap year." What? It's basically your life. It's not about me. You know, I feel like you got to work on these a little bit more. Really? Yeah. Now back to the interview, because now I see I have to keep this job. A few things to help me figure out what's hot right now. Best rapper in the game right now? I have my favorite rapper which is Tyler the creator. But there are so many incredible rappers. Amazing. The coolest social media platform. Instagram. Best video game? Are you a gamer? I'm a gamer. I'm a real gamer. That's like my hidden talent. My favorite is "World of combat." Freshest sneaker. Nike Cortez. I have so many of them. They're comfortable. Really comfortable. You can do whatever you want All right, here I'm going to try to be cool with this, when it comes to the fashion game, what celebrity rocks the drip most often? The drip? Yeah, drip, definitely Rihanna. Rihanna rocks it. Zemdaya rocks the drip. Did I just ruin it? Did I just make it uncool? No, you didn't. You're cool, that's the thing. I appreciate you. Thank you. You tear me down but you build me up. That's what I hope for. Yep. Oh, boy, you know what, I hope you have all of the success in the world. One thing around you is black girl magic. With this movie, in front of the camera, behind the camera, writing the movie, all black women, how amazing was that? It's amazing. You don't get to see it often. This whole film is about black girl magic in front of the camera and behind. It's -- you don't see it. So, you know, I want to inspire young girls and other people that you can do it from different platforms. Like, you can do a black director, black woman director, an all-star cast, filled with black women, it can happen because with these type of body swap-type fantasy films we're not the first people they think about. We're all human and we can do whatever and we can play whoever we wish to play. What do you hope people take away from the movie "Little"? You don't have to change to be accepted. If you stick to your true self, and stick with friends that actually love you for who you are, things can go smoothly and all you need is them. You don't need popularity and friends and stuff to be comfortable in who you are. Approval from strangers is not important? Right. Great message. Yeah. You know what, before you go, everyone lives the Diane stare on "Black-ish." Okay, they do. Sara always makes fun of me. I want to give her the stare. Okay. Can you teach me the stare? I'll teach you the stare. What are you thinking about? Literally nothing. You can't think of nothing. Ready? Open your eyes a little bit more. There you go. Eyebrow, like a little twitch. You know all I can think about is watching you in your movie "Little" and how proud I am of you. Thank you. Same. And how we're going to make those movies together. You got to figure it out first. Marsai martin, everybody, no

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"Michael sits down with the 14-year old \"Blackish\" star to talk about her latest job: executive producer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62275900","title":"'Little' star Marsai Martin","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/star-marsai-martin-62275900"}