New, surprising details about Princess Eugenie's upcoming royal wedding

This unforgivable wedding blunder is going viral, could you make this mistake?
4:00 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for New, surprising details about Princess Eugenie's upcoming royal wedding
That date spirited away we're talking wedding so heinous as wedding etiquette and we're. We're talking on us because we are just days away from another royal wedding which one. Princess you I never going to hit no I voicing you Jeannie it was perhaps one in the hat's sister no exudes. You Jenny you Ginny. Yes men hacked sisters they have the really big fast and ears on the rails adding and they went viral. That's its cash as it admitted it took me to start yes and she's getting there in days. She's wearing her longtime boyfriend and Jack and this is nothing so going to their wedding one of the things their rules no cell phones that were bumping into that a lot of again it's where a wedding to get that one of the other things that you have to show two forms of IDE. Nixon or George Clooney. Could you know what we everybody gonna put on a George Clooney let me get it. You have to have two forms of ID or you can't go to the wedding so just know this ahead of time. Which missed just think other that Ahmad gul. To get. I know what it means just do it there's a story that went by were okay so there was this couple married okay cool. Had was friends with another distant family member of the husbands. They get their wedding invite. And it said it like Michael. Plus and yes even though it's a wife and still the woman was real he furious that they'd been married for seven years in her name wasn't on the envelope. And she's speaking about not going to wedding. If I mean I've personally I don't take that and any harm. Actually I would look at and think who bid I don't have to go to waiting. Are they did they tidy what are they they think friendly they'd done work on each other's houses and their social together I'll I thought it was like different cutting you know he's still married after sent not elevate they knew little but. But I think what happened was having. What are stressful and I'm guessing there were some kind of programming where you insert the name of the person and it adds a guest on an idol prickly bowler some gas. I'd like to assume the innocent. Level of this and so talented I was like I would've made a joke on the reply card like we do not. Cast a bunch of guests and only my wife could come yelling yeah silk. They are no matter that. He comes let's just put it out in the open and it was something done out of an. You being leaned they have to sleep at nineteen that type of person so that's socks more. So you wouldn't you live mega a deal got a bit with got a pretty good for you I don't care that much I I get some ago. It's you wanna go to if there are other reasons not to go but don't go because you're mean one in the envelope and fitted in the open bar. Really quickly we did pull the audience by the way what they said which leads me to what you're gonna hear. Should she go to the wedding 42%. Yet said yes 58% said no. Bradley. Censored and some other pet. Even some of the leading ones are cash bar while you can net really mad cake yet had one job. David Kay Graham. Still. That's our our wedding thing but I think Michael and I say go to the wedding yet to meet you gotta bite into the wedding a bite somebody to a wedding they should have the pullout hands for the bar everything else. You have a birthday Dennehy invite people make him pay with a dinner the dollar dances okay the dollar Dana did you not did. Yeah. You lie and you paying me money to dance with you the bride and keep all back. Time that brought us a mound yeah I gotta say they'll we give their money where they have the differing gotta dance.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"This unforgivable wedding blunder is going viral, could you make this mistake? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58411166","title":"New, surprising details about Princess Eugenie's upcoming royal wedding ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/surprising-details-princess-eugenies-upcoming-royal-wedding-58411166"}