Are you someone who thrives on negative feedback?

"GMA Day" breaks down Mark Wahlberg's crazy schedule, bad words, Sara's son's growling phase, and the "Mean Girls" milkshake.
9:40 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for Are you someone who thrives on negative feedback?
Guys are gat. Yes! We hope everybody is having a Dixon all the way from Texas. [ Ch THA you Angela. Sara, how you doing? I'm doing well. I'm in pink so I'm hap Pink makesou happy? Yeah. I look like a disco ball. It's per F Perfect for todecause today thcast from ancing ere.e ] Juere. We have thelshabang. Everybody's here. I'm happy 'R day is a great day for me. Yo 24 years my son was born. There he is. Good old Michael junior. I couldn'tcrh E name. Wow, geor F What did he do? George,eorge, Georgina. Georg? We'll LE chael jr.ppy 24th bthday my son. I love you.y birthday. He's in school. Ed with a degree psyclo. Then he decided he wanted to get W second D I him the fst two are me, the next one is on you. Thawhat my pant theecond you specialize --S on you. Yeah. O I'm happfor his birthday. What's going on with you anythi new, anything interest. Kidon has taken up growling.e gets made growls me. Last night he woke up and was like no ma. I'm like this is Y papa didt ro It's his fr shiell over, he like it fell. Are you gwlg at me? Sounds like he mean exorcism. It's. You I taughm side eye I loving kidso funny I taught him to do this G and he looks a little possessed. Parents a like who ought hit? M like me. It's cute. He's a cuoy. Yo combin. T like me. E did not,ut it's a good thing. We have a big show today. We can'tait for the cast of "Dancing with the S." Ir 27th se. We get that we hav good day/bad day where even the bad news is goods. Love thateers and ausere we go. Do youikck if it's negative or positive? I prefer I think I believe it more. Really? Yeah. Doing great? Because the onlytell you the truthyour spse and youmo Sometimes your spouse. We'll leave that a "The Wall Street journal" -- yes, ireplthey did aeedback studd showed that negative feedback, people thrive on I think I the on negave ba this lady ry she did notice her shortcos until or told her. Did not Seit until they gave her some true negative feedba which S feels made her better. Is she that thatou're likehe's got T know thisea we all have a fr N sherry. You thrive off negative ism.'s the worst thing you ever he re's afference, though ke when you're working out. You shared some football of my favorite quotes -- I don't know if I can't say Donell me about. I had a coach who said it. It's larious. I'm very sensitive about saying this. Ove it. I'm man. I'm a mama and I love it. I'm a man andnot have children.tom, you'rreeing a little too, yeah w.ple are smt. I physically not have a child. Can I say it? The coh 'T T the pain show me the [ Au So what the coach is basically saying is, son, get outhere to djo ou seem to be moted more a drill sergeant. I'm moreoul cycle girl. I want them to tell me I'm amg. Whhey say thfinish line is GHT of you, I'm like oh god I if you start yng at me, I fetal up. You're not going to get much out of me. You want to inspire me. Don't play football. You go tiladelphiahe criticing you. I never wouav a football field. It's a bad day for S buttons. We fouut that ma W T 2:30 A.M. Every day.ok at his hedule.herayer time there. Golf, crthere. HOL on. I pgolf. I a lot of lfs golf is at 7:30. His cryo is 9:30.e ing8 S? That the fast golf I E heard O I my oneaid he wa good. Nines enough tall it a round. 18 an official D. 8 . Nine is half a round. He's nd early. I have a similar schedule that arts at 2:. I have a child though.wake up. 7:0000ichael on "Gma." I lik with kids. Internet research. That is some of my research. There'five minute of babies laughing at dogs. I' I also call that social media because sometimes I'm looking my phond my husbd is like get off your're on stagram. I'm like ts my job. Hneed to kn Hedoesn't. It's my schedule. Mark Wahlberg, 2:30 in the ING. What time he go to D? I think the rock wakes up early too. Nk they're allng. An you sme what the rock is lying about? All right. Do stay bad Rd it's a good day if you do.od dayor bad words. A new study by the pt sion cil.t a lot more ult television characters are saying more bards on TV. Arat get UND my sn. Do you havany words U hear and you cringe? Give it to us. Why'm thinking about nipples. Les, not myself. I'm goingthrow wordout there. I'll tell by the oohs and ahs. And the weird fes. Throws peooff. Moist. Unless young a cake don't want to hear about. Yoke. I don't mind yoke. I love eggs. Gurgle. Cu I liksconsin anth do cheese curd well. Two more. Sneer. Yeah. That doesn't both me. This lt quirt. Oh! Ew! D to put tin a can and drink it, remember? Y Who thought that name W Dea? I dn't come up with the words. T read them.od day for mean girls. Not justecause it's wednesd and on Wednesdays we wearink. Black tap launched a new milkshake to honor Regina and the gang and the"mean girls. Bring them out. We wanna see the shakes. Milkes are coming. Our milkshakes bring all the boys to E yard. E you evereen to black tap? I have tir milkshakes before. The linesge than the emtatebuilding. The milkshakes, the rgers, everythi is great. They go through a trouble to put these tr. That. Mineays burboi get it. Since it's 1:00 in the afternoon who would like some milkshake? Come on up. I wto share. Come here.r you.wednesdays we wear P

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{"duration":"9:40","description":"\"GMA Day\" breaks down Mark Wahlberg's crazy schedule, bad words, Sara's son's growling phase, and the \"Mean Girls\" milkshake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57774464","title":"Are you someone who thrives on negative feedback?","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/thrives-negative-feedback-57774464"}