Valentine's Day cooking with Carla Hall

Carla shows Sara and Michael how to create delicious open-faced sandwiches with some love.
4:24 | 02/13/19

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Transcript for Valentine's Day cooking with Carla Hall
food contributor and just in-house girl, Carla hall. What do you have for us today? I saw the -- Kisses. And kisses. We barely got that lipstick off, Carla. What are we making? Today we're making open face johnnycake sandwiches. They're in the shape of hearts. What is a johnnycake? It's a corncake. It's a corn pancake and it was a cake that you would make that wouldn't get flat that people would travel with. Filling. Filling and delicious. You're going to put together all the dry ingredients into that large bowl. I have cornmeal and flour, baking powder, salt and a little bit of sugar. All of it? Yep. All of it. All measured. Yes. You know better, Carla. You're going to mix that up. Mix that up and while you're doing that, I'm going to get your dry ingredients together. I have eggs. Going to put in some buttermilk. Buttermilk. And then I'm going to add oil and have you mix the wet ingredients. This goes in here, and then we have some oil. That gets mixed up. While you're mixing that up, Sara, I'm going to have you start the fillings. Come on, Sara. Two different kinds of sandwiches. Avocado. Something about the avocado. Okay? Stir it with that knife. Yep. You're going to make that avocado and while you guys are making that, I'm going to go ahead and make my johnnycake. I'm all whipped up here. That looks great. So you can actually probably do the making. Of course. All right. So -- Sara. Sara. I'm learning. Sara. What a beautiful avocado that is. Thank you. I'm just so -- Take the spoon and scoop it out into this bowl. You're going to make rounds and make the rounds about that big because we're -- How much? Like that? Enough to punch out here. So larger. You're going to make those rounds, okay? And Sara, we're going to take this -- this looks beautiful, and when you are making pancakes, make sure the griddle is hot enough and the johnnycakes are bubbling up and pancakes will be nice and brown and you will flip them. Sara, you'll put in a little salt in here, and then we're going to add a little bit of lemon juice. Chunky, you're going to mix that up, okay? Like with a fork? Yeah. With a fork. Here's a tip for you. So when you are trying to keep your avocados green or your guacamole -- I need to know this. Mine brown. Add the pits. What the pit is doing is covering the space where the avocado is. But if you take a piece of plastic and just press right onto the avocado, then that will be delicious too. We're going to let those cook. Here we have some right here. Okay. That's what that's going to look like once I stamp them out. We're going to punch them out. We have the love right here. Michael, we're going to take some mustard. We take our ham and we're going to put that on there. Is mustard that exciting? I know. It's exciting, and while you're over there, I'm going to cut some eggs. Sara, can I have your knife? I'm going to she you a trick. Where is that knife, Sara? I couldn't get it off. We didn't cover that. I'm going to cut the eggs, spray my knife. This is a little trick. With a little bit of oil, and the yolk does not -- You spray the knife. Oh. I was wondering how you did that. Yes. Yes. Then we're going to take our egg and put it on here. Sara, what what about putting guacamole on here? Are you eating already? Nope, nope, nope. You can be. You can be eating already. We're going to do this. Put some more egg on top. Egg on there. Put your egg on top, yeah. That looks so gorgeous. Thank you. Thank you. Egg on top. Can I throw some chives? Chives. You want to be salt Bae, Michael. No. I'm kind of -- This is so good, and what I love about this, mix up your opened-face sandwiches and it's delicious. It's very delicious and I tell you right now. We're going to eat and we'll be

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Carla shows Sara and Michael how to create delicious open-faced sandwiches with some love.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61050701","title":"Valentine's Day cooking with Carla Hall","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/valentines-day-cooking-carla-hall-61050701"}