Should you wear street clothes inside?

Michael and Sara have very strong feelings about proper clothes etiquette.
4:24 | 05/16/19

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Transcript for Should you wear street clothes inside?
One thing we talked about, you know how whenever I come into your dressing room you always say to me, like, don't put your feet on the couch. Don't put your feet on the furniture. Which I don't. Let me clear this up. I do not. I don't care if you have your shoes off. I don't know, I don't know where your toes been, I'm sorry. I walk around backstage in those slippers that I always have on so in my mind those slippers are inside shoes so if you want to tuck them up in a chair or something it's not ruds rude because they're inside shoes. Michael is very touchy about this. Because they've been walking where other people have worn their outside shoes, but continue. Very important point, but there was an article in gq that made me think of you right away. You should never ever wear your street clothes inside your house, was the title. So a recent study found that ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft have 35,000 times more bacteria -- It gets worse. -- Than a toilet seat. Mm-hmm. I feel like the Uber prices need to go down now. So it's saying that when you come inside you should -- I've always taken my shoes off and I've always wiped my dogs' feet when I had them but I never thought about the fact that your clothes are all over -- Yeah. You told me you do some things at the movie theatre even. I don't mess around. When I come in the house, first of all, the shoes come off. If I've been out sitting in an Uber or a taxi, when I go to a movie theatre I wear a hoodie and put it on so I can put my head back and when I come home that goes off into the hamper to get clean. I don't want to lay on my couch and tomorrow I lay on my couch and yesterday is on me again. Nothing against y'all but you're on me too. I'm good. I just don't do it. There's indoor clothing. There's outdoor clothing. There's indoor shoes, there's outdoor shoes. You do not mix. Weirdly, I always do it with the kids. When they're outside or at school I come home and strip them down and put them in new clothes so they can nap all clean but I never applied it to the adults who are doing the more disgusting things. Ew. Tell you right now, throw your couch out and get a new one. I know. At this point there's no steamer strong enough. But we should ask some people, did you guys -- do you want to go out there? You go out there. This is a microphone, you guys, so you talk to it like that, it's padded. Anyone here have an opinion on that that you wan to share? Did anyone already know your outside clothes are gross? Okay. Please tell us about your outside disgusting clothes. So, I've had the privilege of sharing a dorm room for the past few years with different people all the time and the first thing they know is that they don't sit on my bed with street clothes. You do not sit on my bed with your clothes. That's the main thing, especially by my head. I don't want my head anywhere that my tushie sat down that day. Okay, anybody -- you know what, you can stand up and you can toss that back to her. Can you throw it to her in the back? Just toss it. Let's test her arm. Yes, ma'am. I'll tell you right now, the curry brothers are safe in their basketball career. Talk into the microphone. There you go. Hi, I'm from Los Angeles. I work in health care and home care and so we go to everybody's homes day to day, so when I get home, the shoes stay in the garage. All that clothing comes off before I hit the laundry room and nothing touches the house. Wow. How do you -- I'm curious -- all I got to say, thank goodness that thing is padded or we need medics out here. We got a head injury here. I'm also in health care. I'm a nurse and I think we need to ingest all the bacteria to build up your immunity. That's right. You want to come over and play on my couch? That's right. You sound like you're ready to walk in and lick the floor or something. I'm licking the subway poles. Thanks to all three of you for your input. Yes, thank you. And ma'am, you better hope your husband is not inside with his friends when you walk in butt naked from the garage like

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Michael and Sara have very strong feelings about proper clothes etiquette.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63078729","title":"Should you wear street clothes inside?","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/wear-street-clothes-inside-63078729"}