Airbnb glitch sends man to wrong country

Airbnb says its site autocorrected the address for the original listing in the country of Georgia to a street in Minnesota.
2:24 | 05/24/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Airbnb glitch sends man to wrong country
Thank you, Eva. A Minnesota homeowner who got a big surprise, someone showed up saying he reserved the house on airbnb. The only problem it wasn't for rent. Just a tiny problem, right, George? The bigger surprise when the homeowner looked and saw the address actually was listed. Now airbnb says this wasn't a scam, it was an auto correct error. This is Georgia, the country. When you come to Georgia, you take a fresh start. Reporter: This is Georgia avenue, 6,000 miles away in crystal, Minnesota. So how did airbnb in Georgia the country wind up steering a man to Georgia the street? Hi. Hi. Are you Tom? No. You got the wrong address. Reporter: It started on Wednesday when Jim Belmonte's doorbell rang. I reserved a room through airbnb. The only problem? That's not us, man. We absolutely are not an airbnb company. They already charged my credit card. How does that -- You're going to have to call airbnb. I promise man, that's not us. Reporter: The stranger at the door had the right address. Lo and behold we were on airbnb. Reporter: The listing showed their address but a very different house. The airbnb ad had, you know, a house with a tower in it. There were mountains and one thing I can say about crystal, Minnesota, is there really are no mountains at all. Reporter: According to airbnb their site auto corrected the site in the country of Georgia to that Minnesota address on Georgia avenue. The company took the listing down after Belmonte brought the issue to its attention and says it's investigating. But Belmonte worries it's not doing enough to present something like this from happening again. There really isn't a vehicle for them to be able to, you know, guarantee the person renting the house is actually able to rent a house. In my opinion that's not enough. Reporter: Airbnb says it launched an internal review and reimbursed that man who showed up at the Belmonte house so will not have to pay the rental fee. A big surprise for him twofold. One when the guy showed up and then when he looked and realized his address was on the site. Georgia avenue like it was that big of a difference. That's a big auto correct, right? Every now and then on your phone you're trying to type a message, this was a little bigger. He shouldn't have to pay that fee. Apparently it was only $25 so would have gotten the house for a bargain. 25 bucks. Wow. Wow. Diane, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Airbnb says its site autocorrected the address for the original listing in the country of Georgia to a street in Minnesota.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55404746","title":"Airbnb glitch sends man to wrong country","url":"/GMA/Living/video/airbnb-glitch-sends-man-wrong-country-55404746"}