Celebrating Rosie Riveters, a STEM program for young girls

Amazon, a sponsor of "GMA," surprises members of the STEM program with all the tech items on their wish list.
4:47 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for Celebrating Rosie Riveters, a STEM program for young girls
And we are so excited this morning to share the story of Rosie riveters. A S.T.E.M. Program learn and create and ginger is down in Arlington, Virginia, with special planned for them this morning. Good morning, ginger. Good morning, to you, Michael. I am so pumped about this one. I've got to tell you I am surrounded by young women who make up a group called Rosie riveters, right. They are as a female scientist this is everything to me because our sponsor Amazon introduced them to us. They study science, technology, engineering and math. We know it as S.T.E.M. But I cannot wait to show you what they do. Whoa. Reporter: These young women are hard at work shaping our tomorrow. When I grow up I want to be an inventor. I want to be an engineer and work with computers. Reporter: As young as 4 years old girls who are part of the nonprofit Rosie riveters know they have the pow story change the world. Critical think, problem solving. Being okay with failure. Instilling in girls I may not know but I know I can figure it out. Reporter: From 8 to 14 girls' self-confidence falls by 30%. That's why programs that engage young kids in science, technology and engineering and math or S.T.E.M. For short like Rosie riveters are so important. When kids have that aha moment, especially when they're this young I think it sticks with them for a really long time. At the beginning their vocabulary is I can't do this and at the end they're like oh, my gosh, look what I did. Reporter: From creating robots that draw and learning about electricity and circuits and sending a doll into space. To see kids when they can figure something out that their brains work and can display I and have proof their brains work is amazing. Reporter: Today women only make up 28% of the science and engineering workforce but these girls hope to change the future. She really leaves feeling this sense of I really do want to work at nasa and like I can. All: I love Rosie riveters. Ah. How much do you all love being a part of Rosie riveters? Especially this one this, is Brittany Greer, the executive director and founder of Rosie riveters. We're here to celebrate what you do. You do incredible work and do a lot of it yourself. We also know that you need help. That you have a wish list, a pretty long one. Yeah, to say the least. You need supplies and so with the help of our sponsored Amazon we have a little surprise for you. Really. Yes. This is not just about celebration. Should we hear that noise. That is a train. Hold on. It's frosty the snowman with candy canes but there's some big-time holiday cheer coming in. A year's supply for Rosie riveters. Inside you have computers. You have printers, you have batteries for robots. You have everything you need. This is Kate Scarpa from Amazon and they're bringing in smiles from all over the place. Tell her about it. Yes, we announced we donated hundreds of thousands of items to hundreds of organizations across the U.S. It's part of our Amazon smile charity campaign and Rosie riveters is one of those so we have laptops, S.T.E.M. Product, materials for experiments and much more only to get you through the holiday season but through 2020 as well. That is great. We're going to get to make so many amazing things. Come on over here. You know it's the holiday season and couldn't just come here and not celebrate a teacher and the leader of S.T.E.M. Here. This is Jordan kivitz. You have done so much great work we have a little something special for you. We have an incredible 3D printer here just for you. How sweet of them. Look. Do you love it? It feels amazing. These things are totally if we're going to solve 21st century problems we have to have 21st century resources and this is really going to get us there. I'm so happy. So proud of you. We need more programs like this. Thank you all very much.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Amazon, a sponsor of \"GMA,\" surprises members of the STEM program with all the tech items on their wish list.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67649371","title":"Celebrating Rosie Riveters, a STEM program for young girls","url":"/GMA/Living/video/celebrating-rosie-riveters-stem-program-young-girls-67649371"}