Crayola celebrates National Teacher Appreciation Day

Crayola is trying to generate 1 million 'Thank You' notes from people across the country to their favorite teachers.
1:42 | 05/08/18

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Transcript for Crayola celebrates National Teacher Appreciation Day
At the big warnings hear and GMA because we're celebrating national teacher appreciate. It. They say thank you and have a few seats all of these tables right here are teachers that makes such a difference in our lives and the lives of so many children like my high school math teacher Bob wells he's the one that really a big reason of why am here today thank you so much mr. wells like Acxiom recently. My sponsor Crayola want to do something here they want to honor achievements. With their new thank a teacher campaign they want to encourage everyone to rights and share thank you notes to their favorite teachers the goal. Reaching a million notes say than these guys you as a right into teachers' right. As he Ramos that's close needs prayer which teacher. I. You'll need to. I like get like it a lot I write what we like you to share your name your letters on social media using the hash tag. Crayola thanks and we got three special teachers from PS 31 minced. And I went right at central full and the permanent family corporate criminal doesn't see that's what I'm down. I'm here to last stand up yeah yeah yeah first up we wanna go ahead and. Thank you for everything that you do because and teachers' you can come all the way down if you wouldn't mind. And but right now and now with element of surprise without some kids are very common pleas trail less. Is bring in this then and donating. Sally. Her new supplies. And belatedly celebrate teacher appreciate says yeah. And you. You wanna get ugly things to Crayola and not all of ITT that all the teaches that a lot tonight now.

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{"id":55013581,"title":"Crayola celebrates National Teacher Appreciation Day ","duration":"1:42","description":"Crayola is trying to generate 1 million 'Thank You' notes from people across the country to their favorite teachers.","url":"/GMA/Living/video/crayola-celebrates-national-teacher-appreciation-day-55013581","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}