Haunt your house with DIY Halloween tricks

Martha Stewart Living Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Graves shares simple ways to decorate your house for a spooktacular Halloween.
3:03 | 10/29/18

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Transcript for Haunt your house with DIY Halloween tricks
Just two days to go until Halloween, but fear not. We have simple tricks to help you haunt your house. This is call Halloween to for. Get it? They like that. Martha Stewart editor Elizabeth graves is here. Thank you for coming. Happy almost Halloween. Starting with these almost spooky smoke and mirrors. We have great ideas and they are very easy. We did the handy work for you on the mirror. Go to marthastewart.com/haunted mirror, and download our template, and have them print this out on a window claying and we have it for small mirrors and large mirrors. All you do is smooth it out and you'll be good. You'll be ready to scare. Sneaky. I could do that. That's easy enough. You have also got -- And if you look at the sconces -- Spooky sconces. What makes something spookier than a snake? You can raid your kids' toy box or you can buy them inexpensively at any craft or Halloween headquarters. Twist them around anything. They work around sconces. You might have these at home. You can use them later. Don't use them on anyone who has a heart condition. Spooky centerpieces. If you are having a dinner party, do this. These are things we took from good old science class. Just sculpt. We can do it again and again. Put it in the garage. Do it again. I like that. Where do you get these? All those Halloween stores. The audience interaction today is above form. And the pillar candles, do them any way you want. Put them in a nice death grip, and you have something great for a table skit. Totally. You have got some jars here. These are doable. These are x-rays. These are x-rays that you can get online. All you do is slip them in. Oh wow. Put them in a votive. That's easy. Put that one in there, and you can put them on your windowsill, do them for trick other treaters. Different sizes. Yeah. You can do it year after year and get known as the scariest house on the block. We're into this. Thank you. And easy. You can have it all year long and pull it out. easy peasy. Thank you very much. We love it.

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{"id":58824504,"title":"Haunt your house with DIY Halloween tricks","duration":"3:03","description":"Martha Stewart Living Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Graves shares simple ways to decorate your house for a spooktacular Halloween.","url":"/GMA/Living/video/haunt-house-diy-halloween-tricks-58824504","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}