Make your Thanksgiving special with Cricut's DIY table setting craft

Make your Thanksgiving table pop with crafts made with a Cricut machine.
3:39 | 10/29/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Make your Thanksgiving special with Cricut's DIY table setting craft
Everybody Lauren from cricket here today we're gonna make this race custom cable tougher than you can make it cuts and table topic for all the gas at your heart. Access all the instructions for this project you're gonna want your crickets and I think app worker working on your desktop with a design Cochran talked Kong. So the finest project all you're gonna do is that search in all categories this project is called the Brighton cut eight giving race card. This is actually what's that it cricket ready and make project we aren't provided all of this I think the materials to cut. Your preparation your cut and all of our work included in this project. Now we're gonna do is go to customize so that we can change the name on the think. You're going to click your layers you know here in the ninth day you can see all of your different layers. And then over the US were going to. Rob the entire project we're gonna make sure he taps. So that we can be taps the tax from the units. And now we're going to choose our tax in our lawyers you know. We're gonna double click right on the name here. And I'm gonna do you tort so I'm ready to got. Now I'm gonna zoom back out and projects and going to attach it by going to action. Attacks. And now we're gonna me. To change your tools you're gonna grab the B housing. Open up there. In a load your ritual it. And you can't close it out just like that. Now we're going to let I'm not. To let you that you're going to press double lets air. And then you're going to press. The blinking cricket scene. Now the next till we're gonna need for this project is the cricket I'm. We're going to go ahead an open RP housing. We're gonna take out our scoring we don't put it there are storage here. And we're gonna close it up just like that. And then went in the press that cricket feat that's blinking and for. Now we're gonna cut out our country. And now we're done with our cut. We're gonna click the double aero to release our map. A. And now. Our project almost complete. The next step if we're gonna take it off the map. And now we're just gonna pull off. You're cute table fan. And there we got all we do is on that score lots if given a full. Just like thing. And now to have your super cute place card. We have one completed here as well to show you what your plate look like. How can you fat no assembly required calling but with car depend on your cricket tour. I hope all of you I felt very inspired me. And yet life projects for Thanksgiving. This is such an easy one to make your entire table beautiful and supports. Us.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Make your Thanksgiving table pop with crafts made with a Cricut machine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58812702","title":"Make your Thanksgiving special with Cricut's DIY table setting craft","url":"/GMA/Living/video/make-thanksgiving-special-cricuts-diy-table-setting-craft-58812702"}