New Year's money resolution tips

Know your credit score and set a budget to have a very green year.
1:45 | 12/29/18

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Transcript for New Year's money resolution tips
can do to stretch our dollars and be fiscally savvy. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has the steps you need to take. Reporter: This morning the most important things you can do to keep those new year's money resolutions. First up, know your credit score. At you can see it for free. Amend any errors and be sure no fraudulent accounts are open in your name. Next, pay down those debts. With interest rates rising, the cost of those unpaid balances is also going up. Biggest gift you can give yourself is a clean slate. It's also a great time to get automated. Set up auto pay on everything saving time and money by avoiding future late fees. Next, make this the year you actually do max out that 401(k). Many employers offer a match. And if you're not taking full advantage, you're leaving money on the table. Finally set a budget and stick to it. Technology today makes it easier than ever to track with your smartphone using apps like good budget and mint. Connect your accounts and see where you can save. Now, you might be thinking after all the volatility we've seen now here mind me on Wall Street, what's the point? What's the purpose of all this financial planning? Well, there's never been a better time to make financial plans. The start of the year is always a good idea and that budgeting or even swapping out and paying in cash at least for a month is a good way to save yourself some money regardless of what happens to stocks. Guys. Some good information there. She didn't mention the mega millions. No, don't plan for that?

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"Know your credit score and set a budget to have a very green year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60064118","title":"New Year's money resolution tips","url":"/GMA/Living/video/years-money-resolution-tips-60064118"}