18 reported tornadoes in 5 states from massive storm

Severe weather began hitting a large part of the U.S. on Friday.
2:29 | 04/15/18

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Transcript for 18 reported tornadoes in 5 states from massive storm
Now to the mass day of a spring storm battering a huge part of the country say any snow. Say you didn't say that or bad reminder in April people but in the upper midwest they're dealing. With a kind of snowstorm that is usually seen in the middle of winter and in the south. It's been violent thunderstorms and tornadoes ABC's Sam Champion has much more. Overnight violent storm staring across the south. And take a look at this new video capturing the moment an EF two tornado rips through this Mississippi neighborhood 450. Mile an hour winds. Schering the roof right off this home in meridian. I'm and this was the scene in Long Beach these monster winds a multiple vortex waters about moving on shore oh my god. A man narrowly survived when his wife woke him up minutes before a tree came crashing down on their home in mill creek. And send back foot tall pine tree across thought they had. Who sociedad got me outside the idea right now. Eighteen reported tornadoes in five states since this severe weather outbreak began on Friday. It along the coast up to ten inches of rain triggering flash flood warnings from eastern Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. Meanwhile north in Minnesota whiteout conditions the Twin Cities getting fifteen inches of snow and the first blizzard warning in 35 years. Car struggling in Nebraska and the Dakotas 120 inches of snow made roads impassable. Even for snowplows. Right now you seen the pictures this is that stormed the one storm responsible for all of that half the country here in the south it's been that up to ten inches of rain eighteen reported tornadoes on the northern end of that storm which have blizzard warnings for two days now we've got more than a foot of snow. In just about ten states and all of this shoving to the East Coast now look at all the warnings that are out right now from blizzard warnings. To wind alerts to flood alerts to coastal flood alerts winter weather advisories and yes New England isn't part of that lets put this thing in motion. One of the biggest problems will be be stronger straight spring storms that this morning will die down a bit but this afternoon. Will re fire and it'll be anywhere from Miami. Late tonight it's probably after midnight in Miami all the way up earlier in the day to Savannah to Charleston to Charlotte to Raleigh is there the possibility of wind and hail yes. Possible tornadoes yes there could be more today out of this and when we come back in whether we will go over this icy line who's getting accumulating ice today and talk about yes. Even a little bit of snow and cold air that's weather around the nation.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Severe weather began hitting a large part of the U.S. on Friday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54481440","title":"18 reported tornadoes in 5 states from massive storm","url":"/GMA/News/video/18-reported-tornadoes-states-massive-spring-storm-54481440"}