3rd nor'easter in 11 days slams East Coast

The storm created dangerous driving conditions from North Carolina to Kentucky and Massachusetts, where flights were also canceled.
2:53 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for 3rd nor'easter in 11 days slams East Coast
We're going to be given that third winter storm in less than two weeks has blasted East Coast this morning. Matt's alive look at our road camp out on the Long Island Expressway. The snow was really really coming down right now and is really nasty out there more than 14100 flights have. Already been canceled Amtrak is now suspending service between New York City and Boston. And hundreds of schools are closed in three different states we've got team coverage across the storms on this morning rob is tracking all. And has that system here here from New York City with the latest rob good morning good morning Cecilia here we go again this storm resorting John significance don't places shouldn't see snow in the month of march like Lexington Kentucky Raleigh, North Carolina Virginia all seeing significance on now is in the northeast look at it come down here in New York City in the roads it is accumulating the Long Island Expressway it looks very Dicey right now it's snowing heavily there. Eastern doing that already getting it hit hard there and blizzard warnings of Manchester. New Hampshire seen snow covered roads there as well this storm is now exploding off the coast. Bob bode Genesis we like to call immediacy on the radar just how explosive it is with some radar strikes they're off sort that gives you an idea how much lift his in the atmosphere we're seeing him snowfall late. Rates in excess of two inches per hour he's your Long Island. And that's refine ABC's GOP leaders who should Riverhead this morning good morning GO. Hey rob good morning to you can just see it here the snow is falling hard it is falling faster and what you see those. It is that what's more she's sort of slushy snow that heavy snow that's what's going to be causing such a mess we're talking about up to a foot of snow in eastern Long Island. So this part of the northeast is going to be experiencing quite the mess especially would all these wins. This. Morning millions in the northeast hit with another massive storm this is the third nor'easter in just eleven days and it's packing a wall. Down in North Carolina stretches of roads now riddled with vehicles unable to drive on the slick surface some cars even involved in crashes. Like this car completely flipped over on the side of the highway some parts of Kentucky humble from the blizzards the roads covered in thick wet snow. Making it harder to drive. Logan Airport in Massachusetts. Left a virtual ghost town terminals completely empty multiple flights outright canceled. The governor pleading with residents to stay off the roads. And work from home because of those unsafe conditions. Those projected to come down between one and three inches per hour or times. And that means brutal driving conditions. And I told you about those wins wins here are gusting at about thirty miles per hour. And that's what confirmed for coastal floods so coastal flood advisories and warnings are in effect for parts of the northeast up and down the coast really put the real concern is all of this no and that's what it's going to be causing. Such a mess. For your morning commute facility also could GOU in the team's stay safe out there thank you.

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{"id":53702530,"title":"3rd nor'easter in 11 days slams East Coast ","duration":"2:53","description":"The storm created dangerous driving conditions from North Carolina to Kentucky and Massachusetts, where flights were also canceled.","url":"/GMA/News/video/3rd-noreaster-11-days-slams-east-coast-53702530","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}