Cohen on Trump as president: 'He's a very different individual'

Trump's former attorney told ABC News in an exclusive interview that he thinks "the pressure of the job is much more" than what the president thought it was going to be.
4:17 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Cohen on Trump as president: 'He's a very different individual'
more of mysiventerview with Michael Cohen. We talked about Ta investigation. How he intendto makmends going forwa andhe changes 'S seen in presiderump. You worked for H for a long time. I was nd you many,any years ago where youeemed to having fun. There was a lot O fun going on at the trump organization. Working with dontrump. I enjoyed working with my colleaes there all. When did it change? You know,'t give you a specific time went from T a T point B. Was justange. I will tell you that the ntleman that is sitting in the doldmp that remember from trumpr. He a very different individual. What's hpened to him? I think the pressure of the job is muc Moren what he thought it was going T it's N like the trump organization where he would bark ords and people W blindly follow what wanted done.there's aystem here. He doesn't understand the system. Divisive and one of theopes I haveut of the punishment that I received as well as the coopern I havegi I wi be rememred in history as ING to bri this country ck together. The special counsel did S at you were D yrest tote theruth about everything relate to their investigation, every related to Russia. Do you think pnt trump I tellinthe truth about that? . It's a big statement. He were sitting this chairwhat wouldou say to him? Lay off thehe way that we all thouthat you uld. Be to take the Democrat, republs, bring them together and bring T country together inst of divide the country. You think he has ears to hear th I don't ow. Don thinkso. Was yesterday the harst day of your life or istoing It's an tatement. Y you F you've turned a corner I kwve. Hen youook BAC at the Michael Cohen who spent ten years with dtrump, what would you say to on that first day? What were you inking? You knewbetter. You know better. Howoes this end foronald P? You know, thator gets in whole investigation right now between the special counsel's office, the attor genel's office. You also have theouthern district of New York. Don't want to jeopardize a of their investigations. You're S being? To answer whatever addional questions that they may have for me. Ri B y'raying there are certain areas you can't get into because you're still coopera with them? Corrt. And out of respect for do you think president trump is lashi out against you in such aersonal way daily St now calling you weak, calling you a is he afraid? Seems like it. That's W he does. That's what he does. Are Youd of him? It's never goo to be on T Ng side of the president of the unittates of America, but somehowr another Thi task has nowallenonto my shoulde and as I also stated I will SPD of my life in order to fix the mistake T I How are you going to do that? I don't know one day at time. Very honest at the en he wants to make amen does T kno exactowo do it. Is T why he's tag.s bn painful for him, L for his family and as he said to be on the wrong S of the president of the united and he justeelse H to get his side of the story ou Toear him say trump is not telling T truth Russia is a very bigdeal. Yep. Oby you, George. Now we' go those new

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Trump's former attorney told ABC News in an exclusive interview that he thinks \"the pressure of the job is much more\" than what the president thought it was going to be. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59817232","title":"Cohen on Trump as president: 'He's a very different individual'","url":"/GMA/News/video/cohen-trump-president-hes-individual-59817232"}