5 confirmed dead as severe storms hit Northeast

About 360,000 customers are still without power due to severe weather, including thunderstorms, flash flooding, hail, winds up to 80 mph and possibly tornadoes.
3:12 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for 5 confirmed dead as severe storms hit Northeast
going to begin with those deadly storms tearing through the midwest. Killing at least five people. Take a look at the giant storm cloud that's moving over new York City. Hundreds of thousands are without power this morning. ABC's gio Benitez is in new Jersey where a tree collapsed on a home. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Yeah, good morning, Michael. Just an incredible scene here. Just take a look at how big this tree is. Now look at what this tree did to this garage, in fact, there is an antique car in there. You can probably see the license plate. Incredibly the owner was working on that car just an hour before this tree came crashing down. He's okay. He went into the house. But, boy, what a dangerous situation across the northeast. This is the moment that powerful storm began to wail. You can hear the wind whipping through the trees as debris began to fly. Torrential rains making it nearly impossible to see. Lightning striking alarmingly close to this highway and a traveler at a Connecticut airport posting this photo. In some cities every single road shut down. We have trees into houses, people trapped between trees on the roads, trees on cars. Everything you could think of. Reporter: Trees downed, cars crushed and streets completely swamped. I have never seen anything like this. Reporter: Thousands of travelers stranded as the evening commute came to a screeching halt. We left D.C. At 5:40 P.M. Tuesday. Now it's Wednesday. Reporter: Overnight this train trapped by floodwaters outside Washington, D.C. Marooning passengers for hours. The water was rising and it became kind of -- it was kind of scary. Reporter: Creating a state of emergency in New York and flash flooding in Baltimore. Dozens of people stranded by the wising water. This picture from the Frederick news post shows a child being pulled to safety after he and his family got trapped in a minivan and this man was rescued after getting swept away in his car. And, again, at least five people were killed in this storm and it just underscores how important it is to get inside a safe building because they were killed because they were inside cars when the trees came crashing down. Michael. All right, thank you so much, gio. That massive storm system is also causing problems this morning. Ginger is tracking it all and, ginger, good morning. At least 360 severe storm reports, so many from the wind damage and flash flooding is the next thing. More than a dozen rescues just in Frederick, Maryland, alone. 3 to 6 plus inches of rain fell quickly. That's going to happen for more folks today. What's going on here, that same stationary front that caused all of this, low pressure systems riding along it, that's going to keep staying stationary and sit right over the mid-atlantic. As it's draped there it will allow the low coming out of the gulf to push moisture up toward it and it will squeeze and you'll see training thunderstorms just round after round dropping up to 4 inches, robin. Want everybody to stay safe. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"About 360,000 customers are still without power due to severe weather, including thunderstorms, flash flooding, hail, winds up to 80 mph and possibly tornadoes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55200632","title":"5 confirmed dead as severe storms hit Northeast ","url":"/GMA/News/video/confirmed-dead-severe-storms-hit-northeast-55200632"}