Congress finally reaches agreement on COVID stimulus package

There are only hours left until the government shuts down for the holidays, but the package could have a vote in the House and Senate as early as Sunday.
3:06 | 12/20/20

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Transcript for Congress finally reaches agreement on COVID stimulus package
Dan, to politics now and the breaking news overnight. Law makers appearing to reach a compromise on one of the final hurdles to a stimulus deal, a nearly $1 trillion package for pandemic relief up against a deadline tonight. Rachel Scott joins us from Washington, D.C. With the very latest. Good morning to you. Reporter: Whit, good morning. It's been more than six months since congress passed a stimulus package, but lawmakers say they're close to getting that deal across the finish line. With just hours to spare until a government shutdown, congress finally reaching a compromise on a stimulus package clearing a way for a vote in the house and senate as early as today. If things continue on this path and nothing gets in the way, we can vote tomorrow. Reporter: At stake relief for millions of Americans out of work and fearing eviction. The American people cannot feed their families and pay their bills with congress good faith discussions. They need us to act. Reporter: Ricardo Ramirez says he's barely getting by, now at risk of losing everything if the unemployment benefits expire in less than two weeks. It's time for them to do something poor the community. Reporter: Lawmakers were at odds over the federal reserve, both sides warning they were running out of time. We're quickly approaching an all or nothing situation. Reporter: Just before midnight democratic leader chuck Schumer signalled significant aides say law makers agreed to a roughly $900 billion relief package that would include $300 in weekly federal unemployment benefits and $600 in direct payments for millions of Americans. President trump who has been silent on the rise in coronavirus cases, calling on congress to increase the amount of those stimulus checks tweeting in all caps get it done and give them more money in direct payments. Democrats were pushing for the one-time payments to be $1,200. Republicans wanted to keep the overall price tag of that bill down which is why you're seeing smaller amounts of $600 in direct payments to Americans. Whit? Rachel, turning to a different subject here, president trump still focussed on fighting the results of the election. ABC news is learning there was a meeting in the oval office on Friday. The conversation centered of appointing a special counsel to look into the election. What are we learning about that? Reporter: Sources tell us this was a very heated meeting. Discussion on having Sidney Powell, who is known for pushing conspiracy theories, to lead that special counsel. Advisers talking the president out of the move. Also in the room, Michael Flynn. The president's first national security adviser who he recently pardoned. Flynn has been urging the president to take the unprecedented steps to overturn the results of the election including declaring martial law and bringing in the military to set up new elections in battle ground states the president the electoral college has already cemented Joe Biden's victory. The president tried fighting that in state and federal courts and he lost. Moving to the government data hack. President trump suggesting China

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"There are only hours left until the government shuts down for the holidays, but the package could have a vote in the House and Senate as early as Sunday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74829310","title":"Congress finally reaches agreement on COVID stimulus package","url":"/GMA/News/video/congress-finally-reaches-agreement-covid-stimulus-package-74829310"}