Coronavirus cases surge in parts of US

The U.S. will see more deaths, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned, and urged people to social distance and wear masks.
4:22 | 06/27/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus cases surge in parts of US
As the daily number of confirmed coronavirus infections in America surges to an all-time high of more than 45,000, two of the largest states, Texas and Florida, are reversing course and reinstating restrictions as critics say those states may have re-opened the economy too fast. If you look at the map, the surge in cases is happening in the sun belt. You see it right there. Florida, Texas, California leading the way, and check out some of the morning headlines from the newspapers we're seeing this morning. From San Francisco, infections spike putting San Francisco's re-opening on hold. From "The Houston chronicle," Abbott rescales openings and "The citizen times," businesses prep to enforce face masks. The task force briefed the public for the first time since April, but the president wasn't there, and it wasn't even held at the white house. When vice president pence was asked about the wisdom of holding trump rallies in coronavirus hot spots, he pointed to the first amendment. We have team coverage this morning, and we begin with our ABC's Trevor Ault in Atlanta. Trevor, good morning. Reporter: Well, whit, good morning. Huge portions of the country are seeing this apparent resurgence of the virus, and it goes well beyond simply more people testing positive. Almost half the United States are seeing increasing hospitalizations, and deaths are on the rise in a dozen states. This morning, coronavirus cases surging in parts of the united States. The country logging three straight days of record high totals as the death toll rises above 125,000. Despite those figures at Friday's coronavirus task force briefing, the first in two months, vice president Mike pence touted what he called encouraging news the U.S. Was opening safely. We have made truly remarkable progress in moving our nation forward. Reporter: Dr. Anthony Fauci warned the U.S. Will be seeing more deaths, again urging people to social distance and wear masks. If we want to end this outbreak, really end it, we've got to realize that we are part of the process. Reporter: Florida reporting a staggering 8,900 cases Friday. Governor Ron Desantis waved it off as a test dump and says he will not mandate wearing masks. We'll trust people to make good decisions. Reporter: But in Miami the mayor is now requiring masks in and bars there are closed, and hitting the street in ft. Lauderdale making sure businesses are following rules. Texas bars met the same fate, part of a statewide re-opening reversal. Restaurants have scaled back capacity, and elective surgeries are banned once again. In Harris county, home of Houston, officials instituted a code red threat level urging everyone to only leave home for groceries or medicine. We find ourselves careening toward a catastrophic and unsustainable situation. Reporter: In Arizona, several bars and restaurants are electing to close to keep crowds away and multiple hospital systems are activating their surge plans. In California, hospitalizations, icu admissions and deaths were all up on Friday. These trend lines of the last seven days, over the last 14 days, are disturbing. Reporter: Up in Washington state, hospitals in several counties are already at capacity. On the other side of the country, Philadelphia's now ordering masks to be warn in public. First wave of the epidemic appears to be ending but at the same time a second wave is beginning so we all need to be concerned. Reporter: But in Michigan one of the country's largest boat parties continuing as scheduled, police saying they couldn't enforce social distancing because there's too many people. It's a free country. We do what we want to do. Reporter: Overnight the NBA announcing the 88-game schedule for when the league is slated to return on July 30th in Orlando, though 16 unnamed players have just tested positive. And these rising cases seem to be shifting the way Americans think about the virus. According to the latest abc/ipsos policy a majority think we're opening too quickly and 76%, three in four, say they're concerned about contracting the virus.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"The U.S. will see more deaths, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned, and urged people to social distance and wear masks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71489959","title":"Coronavirus cases surge in parts of US","url":"/GMA/News/video/coronavirus-cases-surge-parts-us-71489959"}