Deep freeze could ground Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade floats

The frigid temperatures and wind could mean that all 16 floats would be grounded due to city regulations.
3:31 | 11/22/18

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Transcript for Deep freeze could ground Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade floats
Yes, very sophisticated. We'll start here with that arctic blast we mentioned at the top of the show bringing brutal cold to the northeast this morning, especially for anybody out at the parade, our ginger zee is right there in Philadelphia at the oldest Thanksgiving day parade in America and this just in from philly, ginger, they're grounding some of those moons today because of the winds. That's right, I have done this parade for years and it's the coldest I've ever had. You see the float behind me but usually down the street you would see balloons, right now nothing. On the street, they'll keep them in one area. They did blow them up and keep them and just go around one block because the winds are up and because it is that cold. I mean so cold. Let's look at some of the numbers. We're talking about the coldest in decades for many people in the northeast, if not the coldest ever for a place like Burlington or Providence. Looking at some number, 8 new York City, what it feels like, 7 below in Burlington. Then it won't rebound a lot. That's the problem with this parade and with others is that it's not like through the morning the sun comes out because the sun is out. That's not going to help you. It's still going to feel like it's in the single digits and tomorrow, 18 New York City and by the time we reach the weekend is when we finally warm up, guys. That is just a brutal map. All right, stay warm, ginger. I like to say every year it's the excuse to get in your onesie and get on the couch. The snuggie too. You guys are a great team. Now to the biggest Thanksgiving parade, the one that's right here in New York, about 3.5 million people are expected to line the streets this morning. It's going to be a cold one and they'll brave the temperatures. Security will also be extremely tight and Sam champion is braving the parade route for us this morning. Sam, the big question this morning will necessary world famous balloons be grounded by the wind? Hi, Paula, hi, Dan, hi, whit. I'm wearing a onesie right now because I've got like five or ten lacy on. Sam, you know what, just another reason to love you. Another reason to love you. Good morning, everybody. And, of course, yeah, the big question is about the balloons. You heard ginger talking about what's going on in Philadelphia but right here in New York, we're on 77th and central park west where it happen, the floats come from here, the balloons are all right here. Here's the good news, it's cold but the wind isn't as bad as we thought it was going to be so it was up a couple of hours ago, now it's down. The temperatures are chilly but our windchills aren't as bad and winds being lower, the magic number is 23. Above that the balloons cannot fly. They're pulling these balloons out. I think they'll go today. They'll make that decision just before it's go time. Just before they have to take them out of the nets and walk them down. I was a local reporter here in New York back in the '90s and it was '97 when the cat in the hat took a pole down and injured someone watching the parade. It's an important decision to make but I do believe the balloons will fly so just bundle up, everybody, let us do the cold, hard work for you. Can I get the gobbler sound? I kind of need to hear that. Just to warm you up. Can we get it? See, we're ready to go. That plays every time I make a bad joke, Sam. So we'll hear it a lot this morning. They gave them the dramatic pause on that too, by the way, before they finally gave him the Turkey.

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{"id":59360511,"title":"Deep freeze could ground Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade floats","duration":"3:31","description":"The frigid temperatures and wind could mean that all 16 floats would be grounded due to city regulations.","url":"/GMA/News/video/deep-freeze-ground-macys-thanksgiving-day-parade-floats-59360511","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}