New details emerge about Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest

Prosecutors said Maxwell, who is due to appear in court, had a cell phone wrapped in tin foil at the New Hampshire home where she was taken into custody.
2:51 | 07/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New details emerge about Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest
We have the latest on Ghislaine Maxwell going before a judge for a bail hearing this morning as we learn incredible new details about her arrest. Eva pilgrim is at the courthouse there in Brooklyn with more. Good morning, Eva. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Ghislaine Maxwell is scheduled to go before a judge to find out if she will be granted release on bond. In the back and forth over whether she should be allowed out, prosecutors released new details about her arrest. For the first time, details about what happened when FBI agents showed up to arrest Ghislaine Maxwell at this 156-acre New Hampshire property. Prosecutors say she tried to flee to another room in the house, agents were ultimately forced to breach the door. Inside the home agents say they found a cell phone wrapped in tin foil on top of a desk, a seemingly misguided effort to evade detection from law enforcement trying to trace her phone. Prosecutors are asking a federal judge to keep Maxwell, the former girlfriend and alleged co-conspiracier of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein behind bars saying in court documents she played an essential role in sexual exploitation of minors that caused deep and lasting harm to victims. Maxwell vigorously denies the charges and intends to fight them. Maxwell is also being sued by three women who allege she and Epstein worked together to abuse them including Annie farmer whose lawsuit alleges she was 16 when she met Epstein and Maxwell through her older sister Maria. They were master manipulators. I think that it's a particular type of sickness that they displayed in taking advantage of, you know, the love you have for a sibling. Reporter: Epstein killed himself while in federal Maxwell has repeated renounced acknowledgement saying she had no contact with Epstein for more than a decade but this morning ABC news finding in court documents Epstein and Maxwell exchanged seven emails in a month's time regarding a civil suit just four years ago. So it remains to be seen how much information Maxwell has and how much she's willing to divulge at this stage. Reporter: While the socialite claims they were not in contact she says Epstein did promise to always support her financially. Her lawyers writing in a letter regarding receiving money from his estate, Mr. Epstein's oral promise is evidence by the fact that among other things that he covered her legal fees and settlement costs when they were incurred. And prosecutors saying this is still very much an active investigation. Noting more witnesses have come forward since Maxwell's arrest. Amy. All right, Eva pilgrim, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Prosecutors said Maxwell, who is due to appear in court, had a cell phone wrapped in tin foil at the New Hampshire home where she was taken into custody.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71769958","title":"New details emerge about Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest","url":"/GMA/News/video/details-emerge-ghislaine-maxwells-arrest-71769958"}